So this is where I list my writing. I’ll start with non-fiction published works first and make my way down to original works and then finally, fanfiction. Enjoy!

Published Works

News Stories

Samsung Solar School in Senegal

USAID Aims to End Global Poverty by 2030

Innovative Pollution-Fighting Solutions Worldwide

How Impact Investing Could End Global Poverty

Walmart Grows With Africa

Nerds to the Rescue: Tech Advances Save the Day


Trickle Up Program Empowers People in Poverty

10 World Hunger Statistics

How to Help the Poor

How to Help the Hungry

Direct Relief International

Food for the Poor, Inc.

The History of Advocacy

Good News for World hunger

Global Poverty Statistics 2013

Effects of the Waste Problem in Haiti

What is Poverty?

How Do We End Global Poverty?

9 Child Labor Facts

Shot@Life Provides Vaccinations for Impoverished Nations

No Ordinary Novel: The Drinkable Book

Let Them Eat Domino’s: Pizza in Africa

Meet The ExpressTruckTax Support Team!

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Happy Memorial Day, Trucking Nation

Get Ready for Roadcheck 2015

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June Trucking Events: Truck Pulls & Goodie Bags Galore!

Perks for Returning Users: E-filing Easier Year After Year!

6 Tips for E-filing Success This Renewal Season

Pre-filing for All: E-filing for 2015-16 Tax Year Now Available!

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The Countdown is On: E-file Before the HVUT Deadline

7 Ways to Avoid an IFTA Audit

#WellnessWednesday: 4 Ways to Eat Healthy on the Road

It’s #TruckTechTuesday, Trucking Nation!

Get Ready for July 31st With ExpressIFTA

#WellnessWednesday: Making Better Fast Food Choices on the Road

Don’t Get Rejected: Simple E-filing Mistakes to Avoid

The Benefits of E-filing Form 2290 Anywhere With our Mobile App

#Wellness Wednesday: Taste the Rainbow

Perks for Owner-Operators

No Longer Operating a Heavy Vehicle: A Guide to the Final Return

The Countdown is On: Everything You Need to Know About Your Stamped Schedule 1

It’s a Celebration, Our Parent Company Has Made the INC 5000

14 Dating Trends That Need to Stop in 2014

Has Hooking up Replaced Traditional Dating?

Men Vs. Women In Online Dating

Original Works (Fiction)


Poisons, Potions, & Propositions

More Than Gold (Original, NSFW)

More Than Gold (2017 Rewrite)

Tangled Limbs (NSFW)


The Bootleggers

If I Ever Loved the Stars (NSFW)

Impatience (NSFW)

I Think I’m in Love With You (NSFW)

Saturday Morning

Will You Marry Me?

Feel Good Drag and The Mythical Penis Glove (NSFW)

It Was Better Once


This is a Reverse Harem Title

This is a Reverse Harem Title Book 2


The Adventures of…


The Tell-Tale Signs of a Broken Heart

a n x i e t y

Your Curves and my Insecurity

How Did You Know

Once upon a time

I Fall Apart


I fell in love with your trembling hands

Sleeping pills and Sleepless Nights

Pretty Girls Overcome

Our Game


it’s called breaking


s / h / a / m / e

(motherfuckin) m i r a c l e s

c o n v e n i e n c e

Twenty Seventeen

i’m the selfish one



Hold on to me (iZombie, AU, Ravioli, PWP, NSFW)

Operation: D.E.J.A V.U (KND, Highschool AU, 4/5, Rated T)

Millennium (Star Wars, Reylo, Smuggler Ben AU, Karyan Ren)


The Sands of Jakku (Star Wars, Reylo, Aladdin AU, Steampunk esque, slow burn, NSFW, Major character death)

Pompeii (Doctor Who, 9Rose, 10Rose, 11Rose, 12Rose, Fires of Pompeii AU)


Doctor Who

Acceptance (10/Rose, Underage, NSFW, Non-con, Telepathy, Bad wolf)


I Wanna Get Better (Ravioli, Rated T, Angst, Short)

Top Shelf (Ravioli, Not Rated, Silly, Short)

Business Trip (Ravioli, Rated T, Silly, Short)

Jealousy (Ravioli, Rated T, Angst, Short, Mutual pining, Happy ending)

Kingdom Hearts

Dream a Little Dream of Me (Isa/Lea, Axel/Saix, NSFW, Mutual pining, masturbation)

Coming Home (So/Ri/Kai, OT3, NSFW, Porn W/O Plot)

Mass Effect

The Tide (Thane/Fem!Shep, NSFW, Depressing, Shepard post-Thane’s, Spoilers, ME3, Heartbreak)

Mr. Robot

I Never Told You (Elliot/Angela, Character Examination, Allusions to 3rd Season, NSFW, Softcore)


You Are My Shadow (Shikamaru/Naruto, Polyamory, Poly Leaf Village, Naruto is Hokage, Shameless Fluff, Rated T, Makeouts)

Star Wars

Bow Down (Reylo, Dark Rey AU, NSFW, Kink)

Writ in Skin (Reylo, NSFW, Soulmates AU)

House of Memories (Reylo, Rated T, Jedi Ben AU, Jedi Rey AU, Rey Kenobi)

I Don’t Think You Can Handle This (Kylux, NSFW, PWP, No lube, Short)

Accidentally In Love (Kylux, NSFW, OC, M/M/F)