• Ultimate Guide to Queer TV Shows

    Hey friends! I know it’s been like, what, a year since I posted anything on this blog? Life got busy and I’ve started and abandoned at least a dozen or so posts, much to the annoyance of my web admin who had to make this wordpress install for me. Anyways, I’ve decided to come back with a bang.

  • Queer Book Releases April 2021

    This post was sourced and created by both @lisa-stapleton and @lee_lei_lp and contains referral links.

  • In Defense of Modern Cartoons

    I’m working on a bunch of other blogs that’ll probably be more entertaining than this, but since someone from Twitter decided to argue with me that the updated art style in shows like She-Ra and Ducktales makes them “lose their magic” because of lazy character designs and worldbuilding, this is the blog you’re getting today.

  • Queer Book Releases March 2021

  • Ducktales: 3 Theories on how the species of Duckburg evolved

    I never set out to write academic essays. That’s not the sort of platform I thought I would have as a washed-up author in my 30s, but when I truly, genuinely love something, I start to pick it apart scientifically.

  • #1 glazed

    i have a broken relationship with confection

  • Long Time No Talk

    As many of you know, 2020 was a really difficult year. Like, it’s been nearly a year since I posted a new blog and I used to write a lot more on here about writing and writing tips and book reviews, but that just got to be too hard.

  • Desdemona Wren's Top 10 Books of 2019 (Let's face it, 99% of these are gay)

    Most of the books I read are either about queer life or by queer authors. So if they do include a romance, which I do generally like to see in stories because I love romantic subplots, the romance is usually queer or they’ve got a queer side romance.

  • How I've changed: Over the Decade

    Stayed single almost the whole year?
    2009: No, been in a relationship for a year!
    2019: Yup.

  • My "Decade" in Music

    Since I’ve only been using Google Play since 2017 and Spotify wants to act like it doesn’t know me, allow me to show you guys what I’ve been listening to for the past 3 years. Starting with 2017.

  • 5 Local Restaurants You Should Support Instead of Eating at Applebee's, Episode 1: Petaluma, CA

    Petaluma is the last stop in the Bay Area before it becomes wine country. Located in the scenic Sonoma county, it has tons of amazing food, wine, and, yes, even beer.

  • What it's Like to Write Every Single Day When You Have ADHD

    NaNoWriMo is upon us and we’re 4 days in. I’ve been participating since roughly 2005 and this is the time where I start ‘feeling it’.

  • Don't @ Me: The story of Helena Bram.

    This year for NaNoWriMo I’m writing my very first YA novel. I’ve only done New Adult before this with main characters ranging from 19-24, but Helena Bram is 15.

  • Happy Halloween!

    Here’s a quick gallery of my Halloween fun that I had today!

  • Going in to NaNoWriMo

    Since I just realized I ran out of scheduled posts and I haven’t posted anything for 4 days, I’m going to go ahead and start a brief NaNoWriMo series for the month of November.

  • Coming Home, A Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction

    This was the first time in a long time that they had all wound up in the same place. In the same world. Under the same sky.

  • The Tide, A Mass Effect Fanfiction

    She can’t fall apart, not yet. They’re in the middle of a war. Her pain comes second to the suffering of trillions of people on hundreds of planets all across the galaxy. She is Commander Rhys Shepard of the Alliance Navy, the first human spectre, the entire galaxy is counting on her.

  • Review: All the Impossible Things by Lindsey Lackey

    This book makes my heart feel so full. Though the first line, where she talked about “getting the wind” from her mother, my initial reaction was “Dang that sucks you got bad gas, Ruby” and I had a little chuckle about it for a good bit. Cause that’s not what Lackey meant AT ALL.

  • Review: Wayward Son (Cat murder, problematic writing, &; a well-deserved DNF)

    After the bi-erasure extravaganza that was Carry On, I really tried to give Wayward Son a chance.

  • Review: City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab

    I made the mistakes of reading the 1-star reviews before I wrote this one. Which sort of made me sick. Everyone is complaining that it’s “too juvenile” like this is middle-grade? I don’t know what you thought this was going to be, but the writing is juvenile because it’s for literal children?

  • Review: A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E Schwab

    I really enjoyed this book. It was a bit heavy and while I like lighter, peppier stories, this one really spoke to me.

  • This Site Uses Referral Links

    Here is your periodic reminder that I use Amazon Referral links on my site. So any of the book links you click, whether they’re mine or someone elses, are referral links.

  • Book Review: Vicious by V.E Schwab

    I have no idea why it took me so long to discover V.E Schwab especially because the kinds of books she writes are the kinds of books I read. And also she has the most enormous following of any author I’ve ever seen before in my life?

  • Book Review: Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli

    This is my FAVORITE Creekwood book. Like, Simon Vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda was great, but this one spoke directly to my soul.

  • Review: Simon Vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

    Oh my hecc, I don’t know how I waited so long to read this book! I even saw the movie first, but the book is so much better!

  • Book Review: The Dark Awakening by D.L Blade

    If you like romantic plots that are kind of messy, this book is for you. I found the constant choices between all the guys for Mercy to be sort of long-suffering and a little dull, but I’m not big on overarching romantic plots.

  • Wives

    So I’m wife material
    I wonder if you say the same thing
    to your 18-year-old girlfriend.

  • i can't without you

    I’m laying here awake
    Skin soft and supple
    Lips wet
    Fingers on your chest
    Cheek against your shoulder
    And you’re checking your phone
    For things that will never be
    While I’m here next to you
    Ready to be plucked from the stem
    Heart racing
    And pleading
    But you
    You’re too far gone
    No matter how many nights you hold me
    Beg me not to go
    Smooth my hair over my shoulders
    Kiss my forehead
    Placate my whimpering trembling body
    You’re never you
    Not anymore
    You’re just a shell
    Hunched over your phone
    Next to the
    Sweetest fruit you’d ever eat
    Escaping to the things that bitterness is made of
    Just to pretend to feel whole again
    Like you never will
    Without me.

  • miracles

    I’m standing here
    bathed in the light from the hallway
    still waiting for you to come back
    to say thank you
    to love me again like you used to
    but deep down I know you’re never coming back
    because you’re angry and I’m angry too
    because I hate you and you hate me too
    because there’s nothing we could’ve done
    but just waited for each other
    and you’ve moved on
    but I’m still stuck here
    like a ghost
    loving you
    and you’re out there searching for other things
    and still missing the point
    of someone so devoted they would stand here
    door open, hands at their sides
    waiting for a miracle
    but maybe miracles don’t exist
    outside of fairy tales.

  • convenience

    Enveloped in your arms
    cheek pressed to the soft flesh of your chest
    listening to your words come softly
    the words that tell me
    “this isn’t love”
    then what is it?
    What are these caresses
    sexual encounters
    And I’m used up
    bitter and cut off from the world
    because I love you more than anything
    because I dared to love someone like you
    more than life itself
    and my reward
    is forever remembering you

  • but it's easy for you not to care

    Everywhere you are I go
    I sit just to be close to you
    as close as I’m allowed
    you don’t even know I’m here
    I’m hidden behind walls
    and you’re hidden behind lessons
    but I’m here
    always close
    and waiting
    because I fucking love you
    more than I love myself

  • 5 years in 5 months

    She awoke with a fragile heart, lashes fluttering in the darkness, bleary and still sleep-eyed. Her chest felt hollow, broken, and fragile in so many ways. Her tongue dry, throat raw, eyes burning with the sting of so many tears. She slid out of the bed, placing her feet on the hardwood floor, swaying some before catching her balance.

  • 2 ways to tear me apart

    He growls, lips next to her ear, words cutting so deeply she clutches at her chest. “I don’t love you”.

  • Book Reviews: Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow

    This book was an experience for me. As someone who suffered through abuse and self-harm I could identify with this very well. The descriptions of Charlie falling apart weighed heavily in my heart as I listened. So too did her need to run away.

  • Book Review: Her Royal Highness by Rachel Hawkins

    This book was so sweet and so cute. I absolutely love books that are in a series, but aren’t completely related to one another. I don’t know why, I’m just a total nerd for these types of books.

  • Book Review: I Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver

    I really liked this book, but the writing style was actually really hard for me to get into. So it took me quite a long time to read it because of this.

  • Pompeii: Chapter 3 (my most hated fanfiction conclusion to ever exist)

    Part XX – Vibrations

  • Pompeii: Chapter 2 (This is my most viewed fic on AO3)


  • Pompeii: A Doctor Who Fanfiction


  • There's Something about Broadchurch: A Doctor Who &; Broadchuch Crossover Fanfiction

    There’s Something about Broadchurch

  • Perfection: A Twilight fanfiction


  • Catch Me: A Make it or Break It fanfiction

    Okay, so I’m writing for another fandom. I’m kind of burnt out on JONAS right now. I’m trying to catch up on everyone’s stories. Like Faerietaleredux and suburbs. I’m sorry if I haven’t responded to reviews or reviewed your stories. I’m trying to keep up, but I can’t. I love you guys.

  • Shifting: A JONAS tag fanfiction

    Okay. So because I love writing random oneshots every three seconds, I’m writing this. It’s a tag to Chasing the Dream. I’m really only taking one scene and expanding on it.

  • Three Seconds: A JONAS drabble fanfiction

    My sister (Moon Bound Fantasies) is making me write this. If I get 100 reviews, I have to make it a chapter fic instead of a drabble. I don’t want to do that because this idea seems incredibly strange to begin with. So…yeah.

  • Unfaithful: Chapter 3 (There is no epilogue)

    Favorite shirt

  • Unfaithful: Chapter 2 (CW: Cheating)

    So this story is totally addicting. I know, I’m so arrogant. Homfg. Anyways, before I start let me just say like two things.

  • Unfaithful: A JONAS fanfiction

    I really need to update Just Like Kevin and Even Better. Even Better has been on my mind a lot lately and I’ve been dying to write the next chapter, but like…I keep getting sidetracked thankstocayceandlaxmiandmandycoughcoughcough. Another story! This time it’s a Joella and a Kacy. And yeah, it’s preeettyyy steaaamy. So…prepare to blush.

  • As We Know It: A Sonny With a Chance Oneshot inspired by Knowing

    I SWEAR I’M GOING TO UPDATE SOMETHING. But I had to write this because I was talking to Cayce (MyJonasSensesAreTingling3) while my brain was melting through my ears while I was watching Knowing. THAT MOVIE IS SO FREAKING SCARY. And good. but SCARY.

  • Sweat Pants and Swim Suits: A JONAS fanfiction

    Suggested forcefully by Cayce (MyJonasSensesAreTingling3) I hope I execute this right. Please note, the title really has nothing to do with the story.

  • That Thing You Do: A JONAS one-hit wonder fanfiction

    So I was watching The Thing You Do! on Encore and I immediately thought of the episode of Jonas. You know. That Ding You Do? And I was like “Wow. That’s so cool.” So as I was watching the movie, I became more and more interested and totally in love with the plot. Then I thought Hey. Why don’t I write an AU JONAS fanfiction like this?And to any of you who have seen the movie, you know that it’s totally just like JONAS. Kind of. You know, minus…well, you get it pretty much.

  • First: A Zoey 101 Oneshot


  • Respect: An H20: Just Add Water Oneshot

    I was going through some old stuff and stumbled across this. It’s not that good seeing as how I wrote it about a year ago, but I thought I’d upload it because I really like H2O. And I can’t wait for the next season =).

  • Won't You: An Ouran High School Host Club Oneshot

    Dont freak out about the fact that I’m writing something other than a Disney fic just yet. This is my half of a trade on DeviantART. It’s very poorly written, but I got this idea like from reading the character bios on Wiki. They’re so OOC. I’m sorry DDD:.

  • Fireworks

    It was breathtaking, the silence between us. The way he looked at me, brown eyes searching for something familiar in my eyes. He wanted to know that I still felt the same. He wanted to make sure that being there with me was okay. I didn’t know what I should reflect in my eyes. I was finding it hard to breathe. The way he looked at me was suffocating.

  • V-Neck: A JONAS drabble fic

    I swear. I am so super-lame for writing this. I just couldn’t not write it. I need to stop watching JONAS. I’m gonna just go ahead and blame thiscoffeeshop (even though it was totally inspired by Irrevocablyamanduh-ily!) for this one too. You hear me, girl? I blame you.

  • Play My Music: A Camp Rock Drabble Fic

    Okay, this is Camp Rock. *GASP* I know, I’m writing something other than JONAS. Isn’t that amazing? I probably fail at these characters, I feel like I didn’t get to know them well enough. I love Camp Rock though =).

  • I'll Stay: A JONAS oneshot

    Disclaimer: The dialogue at the very beginning is from/based from JONAS episode 7, Fashion Victim. I do not own JONAS.

  • Even Better: Chapter 5 &; 6 (The conclusion)

    So I’m trying to get everything updated. Everything I haven’t updated for awhile. I might just call Unfaithful finished. I like the way it ended and inspiration is few and far between. If you don’t already know I’m grounded from the internet. It’s also my birthday today so yay me 8D.

  • Even Better: Chapter 3 &; 4 (Psychic iTunes playlists and balls)

    I thought I should update this because like, I just now realized it doesn’t have as many chapters as I thought it did. I’m probably going to be skipping ahead a bit in this chapter. That Cinderella Ball is making me want to. Gaaah. I can’t wait to get there!

  • I have 4 books!

    It has come to my attention recently, after a few of my close friends yelled at me, that people don’t know I’ve written books.

  • Even Better: A JONAS fanfiction (Chapters 1 &; 2)

    Even Better

  • New story! Welcome to the Rhinoverse Launch

    So if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know I’ve been developing an interactive online serial about a girl with supernatural bad luck named Rhine Tseng.

  • The Stellevator: A JONAS oneshot

    Special thanks to Sunset Clouds for the idea. You rock, chick-a-dee.

  • Just Like Kevin: Chapter 8 (the final chapter, finally)

    MyJonasSensesAreTingling3, thiscoffeeshop, Irrevocablyamanduh, and the rest of the DACE girls, this one is for you :).

  • Just Like Kevin: Chapter 7 (This is never ending oh my god)

    Sooo. I was sitting here and wondering, should I update or should I not update? Guess which one I picked. Go on. Guess.

  • Just Like Kevin: Chapter 6 (Well…he IS a Trump supporter, so)

    I haven’t updated this in like five days. I haven’t been in much of a Kacy mood. Considering I’m kind of peeved at Kevin. Grr.

  • Just Like Kevin: Chapter 5 (Wow old friends)

    Irrevocablyamanduh, this is for you.

  • Just Like Kevin: Chapter 4 (And none of these people cared about me, so)

    This is for irrevocablyamanduh and suburbs who inspire me so much. Oh, and thiscoffeeshop too, who reminded me that I need to update this like…a week ago. And keeps me incredibly entertained with all of her awesome JONAS stories.

  • Just Like Kevin: Chapter 3 (I have nothing witty to say about this)

    Yes. thiscoffeeshop is not impressed with my having Macy faint. Which is why I feel the need to update again because I’m craving some Kevin/Macy goodness. And I really feel like writing right now. Yes.

  • Just Like Kevin: Chapter 2 (This old writing says so much about me)

    Well, I’m finally getting around to writing the second chapter of Just Like Kevin! I’ve been kind of dreading it because I lack ideas for this story! It’s like, trying to get from point A to point B has taken the fun out of writing this.

  • Just Like Kevin: a JONAS fanfiction

    Just Like Kevin

  • Fangirl Moment: A JONAS oneshot

    Fangirl Moment

  • Secret Admirer: Chapter 6 (The exciting? conclusion)

    Pretty sure I’m on a roll right now. So I figured, why not update Secret Admirer? Sarah B, this is for you =).

  • Secret Admirer: Chapter 5 (Why are all these chapters so SHORT)

    Okay, yeah. I really wanna get this finished. Totally craving a sweet Macy/Kevin moment =).

  • Secret Admirer: Chapter 4 (Why did I write this AGAIN)

    Secret Admirer

  • Secret Admirer: Chapter 3 (It is so weird to think of Kevin Jonas in a high school setting at his age)

    Secret Admirer

  • Secret Admirer: Chapter 2 (Why did I even write this)

    Secret Admirer

  • Book Review: Red, White &; Royal Blue

    Honestly, this book is my favorite book now.
  • Secret Admirer: A JONAS fanfiction

    Secret Admirer

  • Fly With Me: A JONAS fanfiction (3 chapters for the price of one)

    Fly With Me

  • Kiss the Rain: A JONAS oneshot

    For a long time I was part of 10 authors who wrote JONAS fanfiction on fanfiction.net and it was awesome. I was one of the fan favorites and made a lot of friends and inspired a lot of people.

  • Shocker: An Unfabulous Fanfiction


  • Original Work: Massacre

    In which I have someone called “The Doctor” murder all or one of my OCs in VERY graphic ways so.

  • Stow Away: A Black Widow/Pirates of the Caribbean crossover (probably)

    TW/CW: Homophobia? I think? I only glanced at this. tbh i don’t even remember writing it. this is over 10 years old.
  • Curiosity &; CPR: Two Hannah Montana oneshots for the price of one.

    i. Curiousity

  • Masters of Time: A Danny Phantom AU fanfiction

    Masters of Time – Parody

  • Concrete Angel: A Danny Phantom OC fanfiction

    Concrete Angel

  • The Blue Ring: A Danny Phantom Oneshot

    The Blue Ring

  • Beautiful Moon: A Danny Phantom Oneshot

    Beautiful Moon

  • The Audrey Files: Chapter 3 (Final chapter &; lots of low self-esteem)

    The Audrey Files

  • The Audrey Files: Chapter 2 (Stop flaming me guys)

    The Audrey Files

  • The Audrey Files: A Code Lyoko Fanfiction &; Sugar and Spice Prequel

    So I wrote a prequel to Sugar and Spice cause I got flamed super bad for that story by a lot of people on the interwebs and the prequel is even worse than the one shot, but I’m sure that’s what you’re all here for so. Enjoy.

  • Time Heals All Wounds: A Martin Mystery Fanfiction

    This fanfiction has always been an odd one for me. Considering I don’t remember it nor do I remember the show. I literally have no idea what Martin Mystery is. I mean, I have a vague idea, but I don’t remember anything about what this fanfiction was about or where it was going.

  • Locked in the Bathroom: A Life With Derek Fanfiction

    I wrote so many fanfictions for shows I don’t even remember and right now my gay ass can’t even write fanfictions for shows I’ve watched a hundred times because I’m terrified I’ll get the characterizations wrong. Strange how we evolve as writers, isn’t it?

  • Sugar and Spice: A Code Lyoko Fanfiction

    I still remember writing this, thinking I was hot shit cause I wrote the longest story young me had ever written clocking in at just over 4,000 words. Did I mention I’m currently a published author with like…2 full-length novels and 8 other unedited novels sitting around on my Google Drive? Cause uh. I am.

  • Chance: Chapter 2 (Also the last chapter for…some reason)


  • Chance: A Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Fanfiction

    Honestly this is just going to be a wild ride, y’all. Welcome to me posting my old fanfiction for the ENTIRE MONTH of August since it’s my birth month and you know we Leos like to do it big.

  • Secret Oblivion: Chapter 9 (I never liked long stories…I say, having written 8 novels)

    Secret Oblivion

  • I'm doing a giveaway!

    This may come as a surprise to absolutely no one, but I am doing a giveaway for my 3,000 follower count (I’m about 5 away now, but I’ll be running this for a full month!) with a lot of great prizes (and even some from Lisa Stapleton!) ! I’m really excited that I’ve almost made 3,000 followers on Twitter!

  • Secret Oblivion: Chapter 8 (I also didn't write this chapter, so…)

    Chapter 8 Secret Oblivion

  • I'm doing a giveaway!

    This may come as a surprise to absolutely no one, but I am doing a giveaway for my 3,000 follower count (I’m about 5 away now, but I’ll be running this for a full month!) with a lot of great prizes (and even some from Lisa Stapleton!) ! I’m really excited that I’ve almost made 3,000 followers on Twitter!

  • Secret Oblivion: Chapter 7 (I actually didn't write this chapter)

    Secret Oblivion

  • I'm doing a giveaway!

    This may come as a surprise to absolutely no one, but I am doing a giveaway for my 3,000 follower count (I’m about 5 away now, but I’ll be running this for a full month!) with a lot of great prizes (and even some from Lisa Stapleton!) ! I’m really excited that I’ve almost made 3,000 followers on Twitter!

  • Hi. I'm Desdemona Wren and I have written a few books. No big deal (who am I kidding? YES big deal! Read them! They're hella gay!)

    It has come to my attention recently, after a few of my close friends yelled at me, that people don’t know I’ve written books.

  • I'm doing a giveaway!

    This may come as a surprise to absolutely no one, but I am doing a giveaway for my 3,000 follower count (I’m about 5 away now, but I’ll be running this for a full month!) with a lot of great prizes (and even some from Lisa Stapleton!) ! I’m really excited that I’ve almost made 3,000 followers on Twitter!

  • Secret Oblivion: Chapter 6 (My Immortal, eat your heart out)

    Secret Oblivion


    I recently changed Rhine’s character design cause it didn’t sit well with me that I have no black MCs. So instead of white European/Taiwanese, she’s black European/Taiwanese.

  • Secret Oblivion: Chapter 5 (Seriously I'm 100% sure none of those accounts are currently active)

    Secret Oblivion

  • Secret Oblivion: Chapter 4 (Surprise, teen me liked Creed)

    Secret Oblivion

  • Secret Oblivion: Chapter 3 (you can't reach me at any of those email addresses anymore)

    Secret Oblivion

  • Secret Oblivion: Chapter 2 (It's a songfic now)

    Secret Oblivion

  • Des and Tony


  • Secret Oblivion: A Harry Potter Fanfiction

    I have a very special treat for you guys. From now until August 9th or so, I’ll be posting chapters of a fanfiction I wrote in 2005 containing Hannah Pettigrew, my Harry Potter OC who would eventually become the basis for Ophelia from my book, Power.

    The below has not been edited, beta’d, or updated to fit my current writing style.

  • Book reviews: Sub Tweet –; A Crazy Ink Anthology

    With a title like Sub Tweet I was excited to see what this was going to be about. Everyone knows I’m the master of subtweeting people (not really, I lack a whole bunch of subtlety, lbr).

  • Book Review: Firstlife by Gena Showalter

    The pining between Ten and Killian was kind of drawn out for a little too long, but other than that I really enjoyed this story.

  • Book Reviews: Death of a Bachelor by M.A Hinkle

    Oh my gosh! I loved this book. I loved every second of it.

  • dreams, wishes, &; fates

    i used to think that
    love was the way you said my name
    or the way that you
    smiled at me when we sat in silence

  • Review: Return to Sender by Roberta Blablanski

    I am literally still happy sobbing as I type this. I am so glad I read this book!

  • Review: Never Letting Go by Liv Devereaux

    This was very, very short and read like an unedited Wattpad story. I really like that Devereaux continues to write f/f and LGBT fiction, but I can’t help but think that this sort of writing is a little detrimental to the community.

  • Review: Not Your Villain by C.B Lee (Audible)

    I got this title on audible like I do most of my traditional publishing reads and as much as it pains me because I adored the first one, I’m going to have to DNF book 2.

  • Review: The Poison Within by R. M. Pearcy

    This is the second book by R M Pearcy that I have read and it was AMAZING.

  • Book Review: Immortal Hearts (Fate of the Witch #1)

    Let me preface my review with this: I did not like this book. Like It was a struggle for me to read and it turned me off to reading other stuff for a bit, but that doesn’t mean you won’t like it. The romance was very heavy-handed and that didn’t jive well with me, but if you’re into romance then full speed ahead. You’ll probably like this.

  • Book Review: Not Your Sidekick by C.B Lee

    I listened to this book on Audible as I do with most of my traditionally published reads these days.

  • Book Review: Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan

    Going into this book I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew it was an LGBT read, and anyone who knows me knows those are my kryptonite, as in I will literally give any LGBT book or author a chance in the name of supporting LGBT becoming a future staple of the writing industry.

  • Book Review: Artemis by Andy Weir

    A lot of the reviews I’ve seen for this book on Goodreads and Amazon whined about how badly written Jazz was. And, to be honest, I was a little surprised by this.

  • Book Reviews: Fight or Flight by Liv Devereaux

    This book was really interesting. Initially, I debated hard on giving it a higher rating, but I didn’t really like how this was a very thinly veiled fanfiction for the Freeform show “The Fosters” with a few of the names and situations changed.

  • Book Review: The Wild Ones by Louise Czarnobai

    I was actually a beta on this story for most of last year! The BEST Beta. Ask anyone.

  • What is Front Matter?

    Hey guys! A lot of my friends are publishing or will soon be publishing indie and this is a question I get a whole lot.

  • Book Review: Lucid Dreaming by Heather Blair

    This book brought me to Quinn Kaneko levels of obsession. I rarely read anything this fast, but holy heck I devoured this book.

  • This should be fun

    I took this from my old Live Journal.

  • About Me Hard Mode

    Hi, my name is: Desdemona Wren
    When I’m nervous I: Talk a lot.
    Last night I: Watching YOU.

  • Tagged: About Me

    Part 1: Complete the sentence

  • Girls Like Me

    Girls like me,
    don’t fall in love
    we watch love happen.

  • V e r b a t i m

    “close your eyes,” you tell me.
    I’m so nervous I can’t stop trembling.

  • I've got some queer books with acespec and trans characters for y'all.

    It has come to my attention recently, after a few of my close friends yelled at me, that people don’t know I’ve written books.

  • Every Day Magic

    You’re my everday amazing
    the reason I smile in the mornings
    the reason I try so hard to be.

  • I'm Thinking Maybe

    There’s a pain I can’t ignore
    Because Earlier I got to thinkin’ “Maybe I can”
    but there’s things you don’t want to deal with
    so there in lies the problem
    to deny what love is
    transforms you to hate.

  • Our Game

    It’s like this:
    you wait a lifetime to hear hello
    but all they wanna say is good-bye
    you wait forever to be their reason
    but all they wanna tell you is a lie.

  • Have You Ever?

    Have you ever been so in love
    that his smile is your lullaby,
    his eyes are your night sky,
    he overtakes your dreams.

    Have you ever been so in love
    that he steals your breath
    his hair comes in whispers
    sweet caresses on your cheek.

    Have you ever been so in love
    that his laugh is your morning song
    sweet melody carried by the wind
    hitting your ear in sweet rhythmic tones.

    Have you ever been so in love
    that he’s the soundtrack of your summer
    every song you hear makes you think of him
    in everything you write, he has a place.

    Have you ever been so in love
    that you get butterflies when you see him
    even if you just catch a glimpse
    see him for a fleeting moment.

    Have you ever been so in love
    that his heartbeat is the rhythm you live by
    that you can’t go a single moment without the thought
    of your cheek pressed against his chest
    the steady rhythm of his heart
    the warmth of his touch.

    Have you ever been so in love
    that you want to know everything about him
    you hang on every word
    love his imperfections
    love him with all your heart.

    Have you ever been so in love
    that it hurts; good and bad.
    he overtakes you, breaks you
    you’ve memorized the way he walks.

    Have you ever
    been so in love
    that he can break your heart?
    with just one word.

  • All My Smiles

    if i could
    i’d put all my smiles in a bag
    and give them to you.

  • i can't keep a secret

    I don’t want to miss you
    I’m so angry I feel heavy
    overcome by so many emotions
    I don’t know where to start.

    I don’t want to miss you
    I’ll start there, it’s self-explanatory
    but, don’t you want to know my reason?

    If I don’t miss you
    you can’t hurt me
    you can’t make me feel this way
    if I don’t miss you then I don’t
    love you.

    But let’s get real here,
    I do love you
    and I do miss you
    so how do I make the pain stop?

    That’s the second thing on the agenda
    how do I make the pain stop
    The answer? I don’t
    because I’m not telling you
    I won’t tell you.

    You tell me I can’t keep a secret
    if only you knew the secrets I’ve been keeping
    from you, from your family, from my friends
    let’s dish, shall we?

    I am full of so much anger, hate, bitterness
    because I fell in love with you
    I am so angry that I had to
    fall in love with someone who is so
    stupid that he’d cast me aside
    like a rag doll.

    I hate this emotion so much
    love? love? LOVE?
    They tell you it’s magic
    that it’s beautiful,
    but all it is is PAIN
    wrapped up in golden paper
    and coated in chocolate.

    You want to know all the things I keep from you?
    I love you I’m in love with you you’re my
    everything and I’m scared.
    I waited for so long to be in love, but now?
    now I wish I’d never felt anything like this.
    I wish I’d never met you.

    I’m so angry that I can’t feel anything but
    pain, bitterness, resentment and I can’t

    but isn’t it funny? that i don’t hate you at all?

  • Review: Starlight Taxi by C.M Lanning

    This book was actually a surprisingly entertaining read. I’ve known C.M Lanning for years, but only just managed to get around to reading his books and to be honest, I’m really mad about that because he’s an incredible author.

  • Spectrum

    We’re on different sides of the

  • God, Do You Remember?

    Do you remember the summer I prayed every day for him to love me?
    You told me to wait, you were teaching me patience.

  • Your Eyes

    “Your eyes are the stars and they
    S P A R K L E ;
    full of life.

    Even with the clouds they manage
    to shine brightly, overtaking

    I’ve never seen eyes more
    B E A U T I F U L
    than yours are.”

    The words

  • Unfaithfully Yours

    CW: Cheating, branding, rough sex, NSFW

  • Dreaming

    Is this a dream?
    I’ve oft asked myself that question
    but the pinches don’t wake me up
    and my whole world is :
    s p i n n i n g
    around and around and around.

  • Unfaithfully Yours

    CW: Cheating, branding, rough sex, NSFW

  • Paper Airplanes

    You make me want to draw
    hearts on paper
    airplanes and send them to
    the stars.

  • Secrets

    You’re magic, electric
    vibrancy, butterflies, dizziness
    the sparkles in the sky
    the rain I watched for hours
    with that dumb smile on my face.

    You’re waiting, time
    tick –
    tock –

    You’re a lot, meaningful
    but once upon
    a time
    you were (this
    is a secret, our secret…
    the pain that
    I thought was love.

    You’re fireworks, explosions
    of light and heat
    inside my head &
    you’re fire on my skin
    but (and this is a secret
    my secret…
    I’m afraid to let this be
    what it is.

    because I’m still waiting for you to break my heart.

  • i am a rainbow

    i’ve got shades of indigo and violet
    beneath my eyes, showing what
    i lack,
    have been lacking

  • More is Enough

    Never ask for more when you’ve had enough
    it drains you dry like a desert and leaves you

  • i am

    i am :

  • Control: An Instant Star oneshot

    Seriously. This one REALLY fails. I am such an awful writer! It’s so CORNY. I wrote this like last summer.

  • Lithium

    shove these p i l l s down my throat and
    t e l l – m e that I’m normal
    enough for you when I’m staring at an
    empty void, loss of color and focus.

    you tell me I can be f i x e d with
    medication but, when was I ever

  • Lost in the Void of Normalcy

    you’d rather i be

  • Line Breaks

    I’m caught
    in these lines,
    stanzas, versus,
    because they
    remind me how
    broken, lonely
    in love
    I am.

  • Nonsense

    This isn’t technically a poem, but it’s close to it.

  • Book Review: The Witches of Dark Hollow Ridge by Rena Marin

    The Witches of Dark Hollow Ridge was a great read!

  • Sleep Now, My Princess

    laying back
    eyes closed
    d r i f t i n g away
    against your chest
    your heartb e a t
    lures me d ee p e r
    into a land of dreams
    and happy memories
    that only e x i s t when
    you’re holding me
    and telling me “sleep now my
    p r i n c e s s
    in that sweet calm voice while
    you run your fingers through my
    hair and kiss my forehead
    and in my dreams
    these moments
    never end.

  • Stockholm Syndrome

    TW: Murder, kidnapping, child abuse, sexual assault

  • Snow Angels

    A flurry of southern snow and on Christmas no less
    Seen from a lit window, the first snow flakes during
    the famous gift exchange

    “It’s snowing!” An excited exclamation
    and to the window two sets of feet traveled quickly
    the room was full of awe and wonder
    coats were drawn,
    scarves flung around throats haphazardly

    And the snow angels danced, spinning with the crystals
    of white and purity and the world feels cleansed

    You say, “lay down, I’ll show you something beautiful”
    I oblige, and you take the snowy ground next to me,
    lace your fingers between mine…
    and we make snow angel lovers

    You tell me, “I want to make these with you forever”
    and I tell you, “that’s how long we’ll wait for another miracle.”

  • in wonderland

    With this red thread she can’t hold on anymore
    there’s this wall between them
    a wall of pain that they’ll either get over
    or break heartstrings trying.

  • Bubbles

    Floating in mid-air, round, simple, clear
    we’re caught in a bubble, a small little circle
    of love, life, and all the simple things
    you’re my world and you don’t know it.

  • identity poem

    i think in lyrics
    they fall from my lips like rain.
    i think in waves of light, color, love.
    i am what, who, where i am.
    i am a rainbow, spectrum of light.
    i bend, the lighter side of him.
    perhaps, but the darker your shadow
    the closer you get to the light.
    i am vibrant
    making my own light because i am farther.
    i wish i were darker so i could be close
    to the warmth.
    alas, i am but vibrancy.

  • The Night the Stars Fell

    TW: sexual assault, child abuse

  • Rainbow Reading: June 12

    Because we all need more LGBTQIA+ books.


    Listen. Listen. Listen.
    You never LISTEN
    and I tell you things
    I just want you to

  • my 11 secrets

    There are.
    Eleven things.
    I want to write.
    To 11 people.

    You think you know me?


  • &; it kills me every time

    So tired. I can’t even function, think straight. But…but…I’ll be up all night in tears again. You don’t know what you do to me.

  • icanfeelyou

    I write about the sandman
    and I tell you “It’s a true story”
    the hole that “leads to neverland”
    is really…
    in my back yard
    and is, the size of my fist
    and it could
    you through it just as easily as it was dug.

  • Demons

    My demons
    Are white hot
    Chill me to the bone

  • the way i want this to be always

    It’s been so long, I’d forgotten how good it felt to rest against you like this. I know we’re both crying now, but I can’t help thinking how amazing it feels to have my face resting against your chest and your arm around me.

    I can’t explain it, but I want to be here with you…like this forever. It’s comforting to feel this sensation of belonging. Your hand brushes over my hair and down my back and I’ve never felt so much love for you.

    The way things are right now, with you smiling down at me, kissing the top of my head and lacing your free hand with the one I placed on your chest…I wouldn’t trade this for the world. I feel the sting of tears being brought forth and a smile coming to my lips.

    My thoughts immediately shift to a song from the opera we watched together and I feel the tears roll down from my eyes, down my cheeks and over my lips.

    I never knew I’d love you so much, but I do.

  • Hartford

    She was
    born in hartford
    a crush among many
    slender waist graced by tight-fit jeans
    tan skin
    a vision to behold
    a 20.

    She was
    born in a desert
    a one true love
    stretched-skin in skinny jeans
    pale snow white
    an emotional wreck
    a beautiful disaster
    an 80.

    She was
    cold black eyes
    harsh pink lips
    long black hair
    an infatuation.

    She was
    sparkling brown eyes
    pouty pale lips
    short brown hair

    He was
    a tale of two roads
    a choice to make
    a struggle

    She is
    an undecided everything
    her bitter enemy

  • MCU Rewatch: The Avengers

    So I know I didn’t post my Iron Man 2, Thor, or Captain America: The First Avenger threads here, but my Avengers thread on my Twitter broke so I promised everyone I would have this up tonight. You’ll have to wait a little longer for the other three.

  • Power Lines &; Internet Modems

    You have a bad signal
    but I’ve got the broken heart
    the salty drops of rain that fall

  • A Five-Letter Word

    and wait for. the. rest.
    a sea of words
    to describe the pain
    of realizing there’s
    no one left
    who wouldn’t discard you
    a sea of pain
    for a second, a minute, an hour…
    a lifetime
    of. an. endless. sea.
    and hoping maybe someday
    you wont feel as

  • Soft

    There’s a lot of things
    I wish I could be for you
    but none of them
    will ever make me
    feel good enough.

  • & i can't even wish this

    You tell me that
    I’m a wreck
    but you’re the one who made me this way
    I’m your wreck.

  • My Piano

    It’s cold here
    even under the blanket
    my hands exposed
    writing these feelings
    while ears listen
    to the broken music
    played on my piano.

  • Happy queermas everyone! I've got some queer books you can read (Spoiler alert: I wrote them)

    It has come to my attention recently, after a few of my close friends yelled at me, that people don’t know I’ve written books.

  • Synergy

    It’s like poetry–
    the way you move me
    like water, like fluid
    the membrane of a cell
    the tiny pieces that make me

    You’re like energy–
    the way your sparks flow
    flooding into my veins
    body shaking, electric

    I’m like misery–
    when we’re apart
    dead leaves in an
    endless forest
    trampled and alone
    under forgotten footsteps

    We’re like perfection–
    tangled together between cotton sheets
    stained with tiny beads of sweat
    and heavy breathing

    And I’m Home

  • Wasting Away

    Time passes through sand
    an hourglass, the slow fade of
    f o r e v e r and the
    promise of happy memories
    lost in the darkness of the
    s l o w f a d e
    and caught between the lines
    of imaginary numbers

  • Fools Who Rush In, Burn Out

    This is an introspection, my own personal thoughts of where I am right now, a diary entry if you will.

    I hate the way I feel right now, so close yet so out of reach. I feel like I’m not changing, not making with the “new”. I still want the same things, I’m still striving for the same things, I’m still stuck. I feel like I’m stuck, sinking in mud. I’m not really worth anything, am I?

    I keep telling myself things like that. Things like, I’m never gonna be anyone, but it really isn’t true. I can be anything. Yes, I am confirming that the thing everyone’s mother told them when they were younger is absolutely 100% true. We can still be anything we want to be.

    I want to say something about being broken hearted and feeling alone, but I’m reminded that I don’t honestly feel alone…just…confused. I know what I want in the long run, but in the now…I’m struggling to keep it together. It’s strange after a year to be single again, but I honestly don’t feel single. I feel the same, but I feel like a certain other person might be breaking off, branching out…and I’m still holding on.

    I’m always holding on, why can’t I just let go? If I don’t learn how to let go of the important things, if I don’t learn how to just let it work itself out…then how will I ever function in society? I already know the outcome, I already know that this will get better. I already know I wont give up.

    And like a certain someone told me: “I’m not going anywhere”…you really aren’t are you? You’ll stay the same in this even if I feel like you’re zooming lightyears ahead of me and starting your brand new life…without me…while I’m still stuck here.

    But this is it right? I’ve got to learn to stand on my own! I have to know I can do this without you, without my family, without anyone but God to hold me up. You’ve got to know it too, don’t you? You need to know this too. We have to stand alone before we can stand together, don’t we?

    I’m amused, this whole introspection ended up being a letter to you about how I feel about us. I still love you, y’know. I promised you…a long time ago that I’d never stop. But…in a way, I’m glad that this is over. I don’t want all the pressure and the fights and the pain. It’s not like I’m losing you 100% is it? No, we’ll always be friends. That’s one thing I’ve learned. That I can’t really ever exist without you. You’re my heart.

    I was told, by my mother once that…in life, you really only make two really good friends. The first one is God and the second one is the man you fall in love with.

    I don’t feel like I’m losing you, I just feel like I’m losing the “us” we used to be. That old, broken, depressed, trustless version of us. The paranoid, jealous, unhappy version of us. The one where accusations and assumptions defined it. It obviously wan’t based on the friendship we claimed to have before we were together.

    But after all this…I can understand now.

    You were right, you know…

    We did rush into it.

  • Occasionally, I do art

    So I sometimes draw stuff and I feel like I never post this kind of stuff on my blog, so here goes:

  • A Little Dignity, Please

    Dear Heart,
    Fools who run in, burn out
    like stars and life and fires and cars
    eventually the last light snuffs
    the last thread breaks
    the last breath breathed
    but even though nothing truly lasts
    things always begin anew.

    So break, dear friend and mend again
    become strong and stand alone
    be proof of strength and honor and glory
    of love and patience and understanding
    proof that all things become new.

    Be wary friend, of all that glue
    and be patient as you wait
    and always remember, my dear friend
    slow and steady wins the race

  • All Great Shapes Break

    You might not ever see this
    And you might not even care
    but I want to let you know–
    you still mean the world to me
    your voice still echoes in my head
    the place in my back still tingles
    when I think about kissing you.

  • The More I hate you, the More I Love You

    So close I could taste the poison on your lips
    so far I could feel your fingertips
    I could feel the tears were gone
    but now it’s wrecked
    this crippling pain is in my chest
    I used to be so happy,
    I could handle it…

  • One Night Only

    For one night only–
    I’ll be who you want me to be
    lay on my back and look pretty
    say things to get your pitty
    for just one night

  • How Do I deserve You?

    I feel abandoned, lost amongst this vast sea of heartbreak. I never thought I’d ever feel I had to be punished for loving, but I realize now that it never really brings you any joy in life. So many expectations and yet, I crave it like I crave the air I breathe, the food I eat, the water I drink. I eat it like candy or any type of pleasant-tasting food. I fill my lungs with it, the emotion runs through my veins and boils over. Love is worth the pain.

  • Cotton Candy Dreams

    My heart broke the night we stared at the moon &
    you told me that you’d never stop loving me &
    we fell asleep in the grass, close to keep warm &
    in the morning when I woke up to the sun &
    you were gone – a whisper of the night &
    the shadow from my dream the night I never cried again.

    My heart breaks to see your smile off in the distance like
    a beacon in the night, guiding me to some far off reality like
    a dream where we’re together all the time and not like
    we’re separated by an hour and 74.6782 miles – I counted.

    My heart swells with every step you take towards me with
    your arms open, waiting to hold me in them and kiss me with
    all your love, all your might, all your being and no matter what I know
    without any doubt that there’s no place I’d rather be than here with
    you right now, away from reality in a world of spinning colors and cotton candy
    dreams and real smiles and everything I could’ve ever wanted…

    but there goes my alarm clock again

  • When She's Free

    She told a lie and now she’s stuck
    sinking and suffocating in their accusations
    their unwillingness to want to help her
    but they don’t seem to understand
    that there’s only
    ten months or
    7 , 2 0 0 hours or
    25,920,000 seconds until
    she can finally fly again
    and her wings aren’t broken
    by the weight of broken promises
    and their invalid arguments
    and their crushing laughter
    when all she can think about
    is her 300 days or 10 months or 7,200 hours or
    25,920,000 seconds until she’s finally free
    and ready to fly.

  • Stars &; Clouds

    She paints the stars on his bedroom walls
    and bends the shapes into perfect symmetry
    she kisses his eyelids and cups his face
    and she still holds his hand and closes her eyes
    when he kisses her and she knows
    without a doubt that she loves him

  • Faded Lifeforce

    In solitude she wakes
    drawing with chalk
    on the walls and marking
    the day with a short line

  • Maybe Perfect is too Strong

    You don’t get it
    and part of me
    is terrified that
    you never will.

  • MCU Re-watch: The Incredible Hulk

    I’m re-watching the entirety of the MCU, these are my live tweets.

  • You're My Angel

    Your lips are smooth against mine
    the gentle feeling of your hands against my back
    holding me with whispers of desire and
    you say “don’t hold back” like you
    want all of my pain to flow through you
    and out of me completely.

  • MCU Re-watch: Iron Man

    I’m re-watching the entirety of the MCU, these are my live tweets.

  • A Moment for Realization

    You, my darling are a vice
    with your soft pink lips
    and barely-there curves
    hidden behind the most
    perfect shade of red.

  • Love is like a Beautiful Disease

    you take the breath from my lungs &
    force me on my knees, body shaking
    with longing and fear of open doors.

  • Lips Stained Pomegranate

    I can’t breathe
    under the slabs of concrete
    you push upon my heart
    and tell me I ruin
    everything with
    logic between emotion
    and breaking beneath
    shattered walls of
    moods and…
    it’s never the right time
    for love.

  • There Are Days

    All I’m good for is
    ruin and darkness
    and there’s a point
    in this life where
    I stopped living
    and started wishing
    I was lifeless
    a skeleton draped
    over my own secret

  • i am a blackhole

    I am;
    broken promises hanging by the
    threads of heartstrings
    I am;
    darkness and loneliness
    tears alone under the moon
    I am;
    the rain in winter
    broken, estranged, ice cold
    and hidden in hearts I am;
    a princess, lost beneath
    the crushing black hole of
    I am;
    afraid I wont get out in time
    to be saved from dying
    I am;
    the reason no one smiles

  • X's Over E(x)pression

    I feel censored beneath
    the crippling weight of
    everything that is expected of me.

    To be upright and
    correct, to live under
    the eyes of scrutiny
    to not deviate from
    the path I haven’t
    even chosen.

  • Kiss Me Like a Picture

    I can taste you

  • My books may contain action, romance, &; gore. So uh. Read them?

    It has come to my attention recently, after a few of my close friends yelled at me, that people don’t know I’ve written books.

  • Hunger Games: Troll Attempt Plausible

    She was waiting there in her way. The same way she always waited for him to come by. For Peeta to come by. She knew today was the day and this was their moment. The moment she had been waiting for. She was so lonely and wanted everything Peeta had to offer.

  • Hunger Games

    I couldn’t contain the elation I felt upon seeing him again. Seeing his beautiful blue eyes, his brilliant blonde hair. I flung myself into his arms, not even questioning he might not be able to hold me due to his lower leg being amputated thanks to those abominable Hunger Games.

  • Red Wine

    Her large pink plastic earrings clicked against her sunglasses as she walked fast into the room holding a huge bottle of red wine. The other agents that had been in the room stopped talking for a minute and gazed over at her, some of them even allowing their jaws to drop open.

  • The Original Marjorie Diaz Had a Happy Ending

    The first time you see him, you’re in a group project together. You’ve both been in the same major for nearly four years, and you’ve never seen him before. You’ve never worked with him, never had a class with him. But you’re interested. Just interested enough to overhear him when he begins talking about his girlfriend. It seems like a dead end. So you give up, but it’s a little more than love at first sight when you hear him laugh and he shoots you a smile when you make a sarcastic remark.

  • I'm WEAK

    1. Real name: [REDACTED]
    2. Nickname: Desdemona, Des, Dessy
    3. Favorite color: Amaranth
    4. Male or female: Female

  • I could…I should (Kylux)

  • It's too late, I'm sure…

    He was there when she awoke, standing by the window with his arm braced against the wall. The light from outside was just beginning to filter into the darkness of the room and her head was pounding. She could hardly look at him it was almost too bright, the light illuminating his tan skin and bouncing off of his bloodstained white button-up shirt.

  • Star Wars: Phasma

    • ![](https://i0.wp.com/blog.desdemonawren.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/tumblr_o1ki5abY5Y1qez69qo1_1280.png?resize=685%2C1132&ssl=1)
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    • ![](https://i0.wp.com/blog.desdemonawren.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/tumblr_o1lm52qFuy1qez69qo1_1280.png?resize=685%2C1218&ssl=1)
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  • I've published books, I've definitely published books

    It has come to my attention recently, after a few of my close friends yelled at me, that people don’t know I’ve written books.

  • 100 Useless Facts

    NAME? Desdemona

  • And Again


  • I am probably addicted to these things

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  • Star Wars: Zero Gravity (NSFW)

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  • i'm the selfish one

    Admit it
    it’s euphoric to see me this way:
    lips chapped
    nose red
    mouth agape
    throat so raw
    air feels like sandpaper
    in my lungs

  • Doctor Who Survey

    Your favourite…

  • Star Wars: Wow this is old!

    Doodling mine and Erin’s characters from the Old Republic which is, of course, our new obsession. We are both Sith Inquisitors. Both of us came from the same place, both slaves and friends before the academy. Or as friendly as we could be while facing terrible conditions and being exploded by our master.

  • Star Wars: Kyla Wren

    General Hux got kidnapped by the resistance and it’s all the wookie’s fault. So naturally Wren is rampaging.

  • Star Wars: Doodles

    The golden trio based on the post about the lush bath bomb from weedmum because Katie thought it was literally something Finn would do. And while he was freaking out and spitting bubbles Rey and Poe are in the background dying laughing.

  • Let's Talk About My Books

    It has come to my attention recently, after a few of my close friends yelled at me, that people don’t know I’ve written books.

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  • Some Old OCs

    These are the OCs I never talk about ever.

  • Obi-Wan TBH: Obi-Wan has a family

    Obi-Wan is sped in love airhead she exist trying to talk to the dirt everything barred talked to whim and then one she payment kissed him and he is like what payment night you just and she was like yeah dude ur like suo3r.hot and you raised my kids dufres and he’s so d hi oviedo but Luke and Leia already call him flush and he just years up and he loves everyone and think that Hatake most mentioned everything easy eight in the world. H3 had gotten everything he had rb34 3wnted and do things would than ft in his way more not even the kpoolkook o-o man. He may have impregnated pkademe but Obi-Wan is the one who raised those thcild dfnjkl.

  • Poetry: Mediocrity

    There is no escape from mediocrity
    Look around, see the world for what it is
    It’s eroded, broken, filled with doubt
    Yet, there is always someone there
    in the distance, smiling
    But, in the end it’s empty; Absolute.

  • Quick Dating Advice #2

    If you are a murderer or serial killer someone using an online dating app such as Tumblr or Bumble, be sure to use a picture of an adorable animal to entice your pre-ahem-future mate.

  • Artists Need to be Discouraged

    I believe artists need to be discouraged. As someone who is a writer and has written several books, and has a huge passion for my craft, I think that’s the only way of creating worthwhile (not dime-a-dozen) artists.

  • Obi-Wan TBH: wasted fanfiction

    Pad,e ;oves/ :ole aMalom os kist ;oel mp waor O wdmt watmt tp loo;; ti/. Obi wan is vey ecited to see the twins, theurew anikans bnut theure more Obiwans than his tbh, Obi wan loes badmrrlgjkkd

  • Obi-Wan TBH: drunk fanfiction with hiccups

    The asdvnenturs of Obib wan kenoibi aree complicated in wasy the huuamsn brain cannot comrpeene thne. especiall;t the the human brian on aniikenen keywa.llek r. he doewsn’t uyesyer undersrtasnd thatr openbienmklnows baout his edtrafcurruckllar excitstovies.

  • Obi-Wan TBH: drunk fanfiction pt3? idek.

    Anakin is head as far as he is ocvne frne d. There’s no reason for Anakjin to be alivwe with Dath cvader around. e know iot, padme knows itr, ewberyoe kknow it.

  • Obi-Wan TBH: pt 4 –; idek

    The dites satellite getting older and Padmé is the mmk O’Day beaut ufo woman that he system ever sseen. She was still so intent love rjfid I 3 fnajtjfmx ahoys he never thought tonfomcosnw that oath..he was a edim.je didn’t think that he could conference. Would she wants grimballs2 the same way she wanted fnaikend( he didn’t think someone. She was some much he Kwak sleep but he was nowhere near her her stsus.

  • Let's Talk About My Books

    It has come to my attention recently, after a few of my close friends yelled at me, that people don’t know I’ve written books.

  • Tagged: About Me!

    -Name: Desdemona.

  • Music Meme: Shuffle

    RULES: put your music player on shuffle, and list the 10 first songs, then tag 10 users. No skipping.

  • Obi-Wan TBH: Snip Snap Obi-Wan Doggos

    obid wan doesnt like being tolkd what tot do but padme can tell him what to do all day long if she shdma esnprleases because tyhere’s noithiong stopping her i mean eher hgusband is probablybaly dead. but i mean obiwan knows he dropoenedbnd in lava and not like you know qwcxtualylyly died. he becma er tghat one guy with the cooooookooooo mask and no biwan is like no pafkghme that’s not animkanan en. how could you think that? he dowudl never lie to her but pemge is not co certain.

  • Thanthos

    It wasn’t the kind of place you’d expect to see someone like her. She was the type you’d see in the underground poetry clubs bearing her emo soul out before an audience that felt much of the same thing.

  • v e r b a t i m

    “close your eyes,” you tell me.
    I’m so nervous I can’t stop trembling.

  • girls like me;

    Girls like me,
    don’t fall in love
    we watch love happen.

  • Everyday Magic

    You’re my everday amazing
    the reason I smile in the mornings
    the reason I try so hard to be.

    You’re my everyday beautiful
    your smile sends me reeling
    your eyes suck me into your soul.

    You’re my everyday lover
    the arms that hold me close
    the hands that brush my skin.

    You’re my eveyday magic
    you cast a spell on my heart
    you draw me in with your trance.

    You’re my everyday everything
    and I can’t let you go.

  • Our Game

    It’s like this:
    you wait a lifetime to hear hello
    but all they wanna say is good-bye
    you wait forever to be their reason
    but all they wanna tell you is a lie.

  • i'm thinkin' maybe

    There’s a pain I can’t ignore
    Because Earlier I got to thinkin’ “Maybe I can”
    but there’s things you don’t want to deal with
    so there in lies the problem
    to deny what love is
    transforms you to hate.

  • Weird

    “You’ll never make me feel the way he does.”
    “You chose me first.”
    “I didn’t choose you.”
    “You wanted me first.”
    “I didn’t want you.”
    “You’re lying.”
    “I was interested. I didn’t want you. I didn’t choose you.”
    “You were interested in me first.”
    “I didn’t know him then.”
    “You would’ve still liked me.”
    “I wish I didn’t.”
    “No, you don’t.”
    “Yes, I do.”
    “You’re ruining my relationship.”
    “That isn’t my fault.”
    “You want it to be.”
    “That’s cruel.”
    “You’re cruel.”
    “You can’t honestly think that.”
    “I do.”
    “I see the way you look at me.”
    “You see what you want to see.”
    “Maybe I do.”
    “You can’t honestly expect me to believe that you have feelings for him.”
    “You’ll never make me feel the way he does.”
    “So you still have feelings for me?”
    “Ones that are dying.”
    “You still want me?”
    “I never wanted you.”
    “You’re still interested in me?”
    “I don’t want to be.”
    “But you are.”
    “Not like I am with him.”
    “More or less?”
    “You’ll never make me feel the way he does.”
    “You’ve said that three times.”
    “It’s true.”
    “I have to go.”

  • Have you ever?

    Have you ever been so in love
    that his smile is your lullaby,
    his eyes are your night sky,
    he overtakes your dreams.

  • Let's Talk About My Books

    It has come to my attention recently, after a few of my close friends yelled at me, that people don’t know I’ve written books.

  • forty scars are not enough

    She can’t speak, lips trembling, shoulders hunched. He continues to scar her, his words cutting so deep she’ll never forget. She’s ashamed of ever loving him, of still loving him. She sits there and he overcomes her, calling her nothing.

  • 3 little cuts

    “You’re a mistake, you were from the beginning,” he continues, squeezing her shoulders harshly as if it helped make his point clear.

  • 7 reasons it's never the same

    It’s 6 o’clock and they’re back to being normal. Or as normal as they can get anyways. She’s sitting in her pink office chair, writing a paper and he’s on her bed reading for class. Neither speaks but instead enjoys the serene safety that lingers in the air around them like a blanket.

  • How joining my mailing list will change your life

    That’s right fans of Desdemona Wren (me) and queer literature (what myself and most of my friends write) I have an email newsletter you can sign up for right now immediately!

  • Review: To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han

    This was very different from the Netflix Film. Which isn’t a bad thing. Netflix painted everyone in a really positive light to tie up things nicely in the end whereas the book had a little more time to make things messy.

  • Author Interview: C.M Lanning

    One of my dear friends C.M Lanning has a new book coming out called Ragtag Gamblers that I am really excited about.

  • The Twitch Stream has come to an end, but you can still watch it on my channel!

    I had a great time streaming for all of you! I probably lost my voice and streaming for this long was probably a bad idea, but I hope all of you enjoyed it!

  • In this house, we stream on Twitch &; we are still going strong!

    It is a few hours into my Marjorie Diaz Book 2 release party & Twitch stream and I am excited to say that we are still going strong!

  • The time is upon us! My Twitch Stream is Live!

    I am so excited to share Marjorie Diaz’s Unfortunate Introduction to Ancestral Politics & Foul Play with all of you! I’ve been working on this book since the second I published the first one, Marjorie Diaz’s Unfortunate Introduction to Magical High Society last year.

  • Today is the day! Marjorie Book 2 is finally out!

    Today is the day! Marjorie Diaz’s Unfortunate Introduction to Ancestral Politics & Foul Play is finally out! You can grab your copy on Amazon. It’s in both paperback, eBook, and it’s even on Kindle Unlimited.

    So, get it while it’s hot!

  • 5 things my email newsletter has that everyone will love

    That’s right fans of Desdemona Wren (me) and queer literature (what myself and most of my friends write) I have an email newsletter you can sign up for right now immediately!

  • Only 1 day left to preorder Marjorie Diaz Book 2 and enter my $20 Amazon gift card Giveaway!

    The second book in my Marjorie Diaz series is coming out April 2, 2019! You can preorder it on Amazon now!

  • 2 Days Left Until Marjorie Diaz Book 2 + Release Event

    The second book in my Marjorie Diaz series is coming out April 2, 2019! You can preorder it on Amazon now!

  • every day

    The hardest thing I have ever experienced is waking up numb every morning only for that feeling to be eclipsed by falling in love with you all over again.

  • 3 Days Left Until Marjorie Diaz Book 2 + Giveaway

    The second book in my Marjorie Diaz series is coming out April 2, 2019! You can preorder it on Amazon now!

  • hatred

    How much I love you is honestly a testament to how much I hate myself.

  • Only Four Days Left Until Marjorie Diaz Book 2!

    The second book in my Marjorie Diaz series is coming out April 2, 2019! You can preorder it on Amazon now!

  • excuses

    It’s always something isn’t it? Something this. Something that. Excuses for not wanting to spend time around me. Excuses for wanting to spend time around me. It’s exhausting. Why can’t you just…

  • s/h/a/m/e


  • you're an idiot

    Thanks for being
    the only person
    who never fails
    to let me down

  • How to write better Amazon reviews

    Hey guys! Recently I’ve run into a lot of people asking me how to write better reviews on Amazon for books they’ve read from fellow indie authors.

  • It hurts more than you know

    I can’t believe
    I still feel like I’m falling
    When you kiss me
    Head spinning
    From heaven back to earth
    With feelings of love
    So deep
    Until I wake up
    And realize that you’re gone

  • Vignette: You're Not My Girlfriend

    “if I’m going to have a girl by my side when I talk to my friends she needs to be my girlfriend and not…you”
    I guess I’ll keep that in mind.

  • Poetry: Untitled

    I still remember the exact moment I fell in love with you
    the very instance.
    the way you were standing
    face contorted in deep thought
    lips pursed, hands holding a guitar.

  • Poetry: Fear

    All I am
    All I’ve been reduced to
    is a constant state of fear
    and anxiety and
    I can’t handle the way things are
    in my world
    in this place
    I’m all alone now
    in my nightmares
    because all you are
    is uncaring
    and all I am
    is fear.

  • Vignettes: Ultimatum

    You gave me an ultimatum. I did what you wanted. Quit my job, changed to a different one. I did absolutely everything you asked. Then last night when we were laying in bed, you were holding me, kissing my forehead, caressing my cheek gently…telling me how beautiful I am.

  • Poetry: Haze

    I’m back in the reality
    that feels like a simple fantasy
    of blurry shapes and hazy days
    and you’re not here to hold my hand
    why would I expect that of you

  • It's Called Breaking

    I had a dream last night that
    you held my hand and playfully asked me

  • Poetry: Less Than

    Every day it’s the same thing
    no matter what you’re always better than me
    in your eyes
    because I’m nothing to you.

  • So Far Behind in Silence

    When all of our friends are married and you’re still fooling around, I guess it’ll all make sense to me then.

  • Introspection: Labor

    You act like you’re the only person in the world who has ever been stressed or… inconvenienced.
    But you don’t even see the people practically detonating all around you.
    Your tiny amount of stress
    is almost

  • Poetry: Spectral

  • Flash Fiction: Cadence

    My entire mouth tastes like coffee on the inside. I haven’t had coffee in probably 3 months. But every 8 minutes for 6 to 8 hours straight I have to brew coffee. Over and over and over again. I can do it in my sleep now.

  • Poetry: Delusion

  • Poetry: Hope

  • Poetry: Rocking Chairs

    I want to grow old with you
    but you’re too preoccupied with all the bad
    to see all the good

  • Poetry: 7AM

    You left at 5:30
    and here I am sitting up
    so sick I can’t even function
    but my heart is so
    broken & lonely without you
    and I still don’t understand
    why there isn’t anyone else I’d rather be with
    when most nights all I do
    is stay awake
    staring at a computer screen
    and wishing you wouldn’t leave.

  • Vignettes: End Unknown

    “Are you so attached to me
    that you can’t even be without me
    for one day?”

  • Poetry: Rainy Day

    If you don’t love me
    Why do you tell me

  • Vignette: "Friends"

    I had a friend once who told me

  • Poetry: Summer Days

    It was so hot

  • Vignette: Sleep Alone Tonight

    “Hanging out with you these past few weeks made me realize
    why I broke up with you”

  • Obi-Wan TBH: Obiwan likes applessaujce

    Obiwan loves his family but somethingtesd they dob;’t know what to even thing. somethimes terhere is a griafffew tith a crossbow and then some puchuoc people, but mostly he just loves the winswed.

  • Poetry: Never Feel Alone

    So it’s back–
    that feeling I’ve missed

  • Writers be like…

    • Friends who don’t read: I don’t understand. Why would people hate you because of your writing?
    • Friends who write: Recently I started getting death threats for my latest novel. I’ve reached the big time. I have become one of the top authors in the world. This is my big break.
  • Sometimes, I sing

    Based on: liberlibelula.deviantart.com/art/Reylo-…-589925704 and I couldn’t stop laughing so I actually had to do this thing. (My British accent is terrible, but I tried, ok.)

  • Video Game Mockaries: Dating My Daughter Part 4

    NSFW Warning

  • Video Game Mockaries: Dating My Daughter Part 3

    NSFW Warning

  • Video Game Mockaries: Dating My Daughter –; Part 2

    Hello again, everyone. I’ve returned from my venture out into the world and have devoured my rose petal ice cream only to return to this immediately when I come home. With 13 as my co-pilot and kuresoto, our number one fan.

  • Video Game Mockaries: Dating My Daughter

    NSFW Warning

  • Flash Fiction: Silver &; Sunlight

    From Mine, 13’s, and Ariel LeAnn’s Asylum Wolves Story.

  • Flash Fiction: Chilly Weather, Bloody Sweater


  • Flash Fiction: A Different Kind of Graveyard


  • Flash Fiction: Summoning Demons and Other Bad First Date Ideas

    From my upcoming novel: A City of Glass & Sand

  • The Incredible Origins of Suzie Q, Demon Hunter Extraordinaire

    Suzuka Chiba was late making it home. She’d gone to town that morning to sell a few of their unwanted items for extra money. This had now become her job since her eldest sister, Yuki Chiba was married off last year.

  • Short Stories: Apple Orchard

    From my upcoming novel, Tranquil.

  • Short Stories: Moon Cycles

    From mine and 13’s Asylum wolves werewolf-verse.

  • My Favorite Webcomic Needs Memes

    Made a meme for my favorite webcomic Suicide Noun cause one of the creators, Michelle, and I keep joking about all the characters being Aliens.

  • Wholesome Memes

    i accidentally paused Everything Sucks on this still of dude bro’s face and my boyfriend said “That’s Wholesome” so have a meme I guess.

  • Met Eliot Schrefer

    From Endangered by Eliot Schrefer

  • Justina Chen is AMAZING

    This is a fantastic book! by the wonderful Justina Chen who I met and absolutely LOVED.

  • I Met Scott Westerfeld

    Baaaasically the best part of my night. Sort of. I say that like knowing full well that the entire night was amazing. I need to do this more often.

  • 5 Non-human things I like (gif edition)

  • WIP Post Meme

    Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.

  • Books: Call Me Eli

    Check out this bad boy. Call Me Eli! I’m excited to be in an anthology!

  • Books: Marjorie Diaz Book One

    Girl meets boy. Girl falls in love with boy. Boy hunts girl for sport. In Marjorie Diaz’s book 1, nothing is safe!

  • Books: Bloom –; A Monster Love Novella

    Fall in love with Holly and her nymph girlfriend, Nia in this magical novella about teratophilia.

  • 5 Things I love

    Tagged by Lisa Stapleton again. The amazing author of Soul Echo: Discovery.

  • What it's like to have me as a beta…


    I’m betaing Wild Ones by Louise Czarnobai right now and this book is so good. I’m so happy to be reading it. I’m a great one to have around though for comments like these. For real.

  • Being an indie author be like

    Being an author is hard. Cause some days you just wanna NaNo but then you have to schedule like 400 days worth of promotional posts, beta a book, look for a PA, and summon the devil to keep your sick ass awake to do all this shit.

  • New Book! Call Me Eli

    I have a new book out! Let me introduce you all to:

  • 5 Things that Influenced Me As a Writer


  • Tagged: This is Who I am

    Just a quick about me with gifs! Haha. Enjoy everyone. I love being tagged in stuff.

  • Playlist: Marjorie Diaz –; Chapter 2: Relationship Goals

    Just like I did with Bloom, I’m doing a playlist for Marjorie Diaz’s Unfortunate Introduction to Magical High Society. The kicker with these is that I have one for each chapter.

  • @Amazon and their Review Gatekeepers

    It is so fucking frustrating as an indie author when people have been reviewing your book but Amazon is like naw fam, I don’t feel like posting this.

  • I'm not appropriating gay culture, I AM gay culture.

    In light of recent events I would like to set the record straight:

  • Book Reviews: Love From the Barricade by Ashley Jean Granillo

    This is one of the best books I’ve read this year and I recommend it to everyone!

  • Author Charlie Knight

    My editor just did an interview! I love them so much and they definitely deserve all the praise they get! Thank you Mikki Noble for featuring Charlie on your blog <3

  • Writing Be Like

    Girlfriend: Hey can you write me a short smutty moresome with 3 girls and 2 guys?

  • Teasers: Marjorie Diaz Book One –; Comfort

    Okay so. Get this. This book has got an ace mc, a lesbian mc, a bi mc, and a full cast of POC characters with a metric fuckton of teeth melting fluff and hijinks.

  • Teasers: Marjorie Diaz Book One –; Hate

    This book has an ace mc, a lesbian mc, 2 bi mcs, and a metric fuckton of gay side characters.

  • Let Me Educate Y'all About the Indie Writing Community

    It is 2018 and I’m tired of y’all treating us out here like second-rate citizens.

  • Fanart: Violet by Lisa Stapleton

    The fantastic Lisa Stapleton drew Violet for Inktober and I LOVE it.

  • Indie Author Review Sheet

    I made this silly indie author review sheet if anyone wants it.

  • Poetry: </3

    occasionally, when i am feeling very emotional…i write poetry.

  • Fanart: Marjorie Diaz –; Cessily &; Adorara

    • ![](https://i0.wp.com/blog.desdemonawren.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/tumblr_inline_phef6szp8w1qdlic8_500.png?resize=500%2C667&ssl=1)
    • ![](https://i0.wp.com/blog.desdemonawren.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/tumblr_inline_phef76cefw1qdlic8_500.png?resize=500%2C667&ssl=1)
  • Teasers: Marjorie Diaz Book One –; Marjorie

    Spoiler for Marjorie Diaz 😀

  • Teasers: Marjorie Diaz Book One –; Patrick

    Spoiler for Marjorie Diaz 😀

  • Teaser: Marjorie Diaz Book One –; Want

    Spoiler for Marjorie Diaz 😀

  • Teaser: Marjorie Diaz Book One

    Spoiler for Marjorie Diaz 😀

  • Teasers: Marjorie Diaz Book One

    Spoiler for Marjorie Diaz!

  • Tagged: Get to know my MC –; 3 Values and 3 Flaws

    Let’s talk about Marjorie Diaz.

  • Writers Be Like…

    Friends who don’t read: I don’t understand. Why would people hate you because of your writing?

  • Book Cover Appreciation: Marjorie Diaz Book 1

    Hello everyone! Friendly reminder that I’ve got a new book out about vampires with an ace MC and a full cast of POC characters. It’s even on KU if you’ve got it. So.

  • Review of Marjorie Diaz from Lisa Stapleton!

    This is my first review for Marjorie. So far as I know. Because Amazon hasn’t posted several reviews of my books in the past, much to the dismay of my fans.

  • Asexuality Informational/Venting Post

    After writing Marjorie Diaz, my second book, I’ve run into a lot of issues with Marjorie Diaz being ace. Here are some things I’ve learned and had people say to me post-publication:

  • You Know You're in a Desdemona Wren Novel, if…

    1. There are strong female friendships
    2. Everyone and everything is gay
    3. There’s at least one lesbian
    4. There’s all the foreshadowing
    5. There’s maaaaagiiiiiiic with technology

  • Tagged: My Writing Journey

    I was tagged by Lisa Stapleton to write these three things:

  • Book Reviews: Axiom –; The Last Hope by Rachel Marie Pearcy

    I highly recommend this book. My review below contains spoilers, but if you like lesbians in space then this is the book for you. Pearcy is an excellent writer and her characters are fantastic.

  • Teasers: Marjorie Diaz Book 1

    Marjorie Diaz has no idea who this guy, Patrick Watkins, is. When he saunters into her senior seminar class during her last semester of college, the last thing she expected was to fall in love with him.

  • Book Reviews: Impostors by Scott Westerfeld

    Most of you know that Scott Westerfeld is my favorite author. I post about him constantly on my social media and tweet at him and I’ve even been retweeted by him. Twice.

  • Playlist: Marjorie Diaz's Unfortunate Introduction to Magical High Society

    • ![](https://i0.wp.com/blog.desdemonawren.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/cd_cover_ch1.png?resize=600%2C600&ssl=1)
    • ![](https://i0.wp.com/blog.desdemonawren.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/cd_back_ch1.png?resize=600%2C600&ssl=1)
  • Book Reviews: Corin by Ava Burkhart

    The writing needs a lot of work, but for a debut short story, this was fairly good. I couldn’t really get a grasp on the characters or the world they lived in, so honestly, from my viewpoint, it could have been longer. I’m not a huge fan of vampires, but I do like supporting lesbian romance. However, I think the romance between Corin and Lindsay moved very quickly. I know there’s a lot of joking in lesbian culture about how lesbian relationships move very fast, but I find it hard to believe that Lindsay would have chosen Corin over her mother after hardly knowing her for a few weeks.

    There were a lot of things I felt were detrimental to the story. There isn’t enough description or time to grow to like the characters. Magical realms need time to be set up, there’s a lot of world building required to write these kinds of stories. Also, the way the book was designed left a lot to be desired. You shouldn’t have both a paragraph indentation and a double space between every paragraph. It looks bad.

    All in all, I did enjoy the story. There’s nothing like a heartwarming lesbian story about two unlikely people falling in love, but I hope in the future Burkhart will continue to grow and persevere to make their writing better. I know from experience how hard it can be to publish something on your own without an editor, cover designer, or someone to format your book.

    You’ve made incredible strides, Ava. I wish you all the best and may your stories become even better moving forward. I’ll be watching and keeping up with your work. One LGBT author to another, we need all the support we can get.

  • I'm here, I'm queer, and I write gay literature


  • Happy Birthday Erin

  • So I wrote a book about Teratophilia

    It’s sort of like paranormal romance, but it doesn’t have any vampires in it. I know everybody really likes vampires and stuff, but nymphs are cool too, right?

  • Book Review: The Unfortunate Expiration of David S. Sparks by William F. Aicher

    From start to finish, this book is a complete science fiction masterpiece. I was hooked right away. Science fiction is one of my all-time favorite genres and William Aicher knows exactly what he’s doing.

  • Teaser: Bloom –; A Monster Love Novella

    Holly Juniper never knew she would fall in love with a monster.

  • How to Review Books

    Recently I published a tweet talking about how important it is to review the works you read. Every single book your reading deserves a review, whether it’s good, bad, or ugly. You owe it to the author to tell them what you thought.

  • Happy New Year!

    Stayed single almost the whole year?

  • Top 10 Books I Read in 2018

    These are in no particular order, haha. Just 10 books I read this year that I really, REALLY liked. (LGBT Titles are marked because y’all know I’m tryinna sell those the most).

  • Book Review: Distant Memories by J.L. Keathley

    At first glance, Distant Memories seems a little strange. It isn’t your typical impeccably edited novel, but instead J.L Keathley chooses to work outside of the novel standard and write a book with mistakes. This, is a style choice and an incredible one at that.

    The story follows Jade, a teenager who lives in Texarkana, Arkansas. She’s your typical, All-American teen who lives with her friendly and wonderful grandmother and has the best of best friends. The book is told from her point of view and very much reads like a teenager’s diary.

    In the beginning, the book is slow, but once it comes time for Jade’s 16th birthday, everything changes very quickly. Jade undergoes an incredible transformation from her human self into something so much more. Her world becomes bigger and brighter and a lot more confusing.

    She loses people, she finds people, and she becomes an adult in such a short amount of time. That’s where things get even weirder. J.L Keathley writes this story wonderfully, every single part of it written like a diary entry from Jade’s point of view as she slowly discovers who she really is and what her place is in the world.

    The numerous twists and turns and big reveals had me reeling for the entire book. There is still so much to learn and know about Jade and her new shadow realm family.

    This book is incredible and always left me guessing. The big reveal at the end ALONE was enough to make me shout “WHAT THE HECK!!” angrily at the sky.

    Well done, J.L I cannot wait for the second book, Impossible Decisions, when it is released in 2019.

  • Why Gay Representation is Important

    Anyways, here’s what I’ve been up to the past few days. I made some incredible strides with Nighthawks, the sequel to Bloom. I also did an interview with @Unm4sk3dPodc4st because they’re amazing. And I’ve been reading a bunch of great books.

  • Book Reviews: Stupid Small Things by Agatha Zaza

    Agatha Zaza captures the essence of what it’s like to slowly fall out of love with someone. Zaza’s prose is incredible and it kept my eyes glued to the page as I read.

  • Teaser: Bloom –; A Monster Love Novella

    Holly Juniper never knew she would fall in love with a monster.

  • Now that I'm in the writing industry, THIS is my biggest pet peeve

    I’ve made a lot of wonderful friends now that I’ve broken into the writing industry, but there’s one thing that bothers me.

  • Book Review: Now or Never by Lucy Smoke

    **This Review Contains Spoilers For Now or Never Book One and Study Break**

    This book was easier to get into than Smoke’s previous book, Daimon. I’m not a fan of Reverse Harem, but I am a fan of supporting authors. While a lot of the description in this book weighed heavily on the purple prose side, I gave Smoke the benefit of the doubt and continued reading.

  • Art: Holly Juniper from Bloom: A Monster Love Novella

    Here’s some art I did of Holly from Bloom.

  • Teaser: Bloom –; A Monster Love Novella

    Holly Juniper never knew she would fall in love with a monster.

  • Playlists: Bloom –; A Monster Love Novella

    I’m not the best at playlists, but these are the eight songs I listened to on repeat while writing Bloom: A Monster Love Novella. Enjoy!

  • How to Format Books for Self-Publishing

    Formatting might actually be worse than writing and editing and cover design. I mean that with everything in me.

  • Teasers: Bloom –; A Monster Love Novella

    Holly Juniper never knew she would fall in love with a monster.

  • The Making of Bloom: Part 1

    I’ve written a piece on my personal writing process, but here’s what it was like to write Bloom: A Monster Love Novella from start to finish.

  • Books: Bloom –; A Monster Love Novella

    Holly Juniper never knew she would fall in love with a monster.

  • About Des: Get to Know Me

    1. Real name → Desdemona
    2. Nickname(s) → Des
    3. Status → Online
    4. Zodiac sign → Leo.
    5. Male or female → Female. She/her.

  • Writing Advice: How to Write Dialogue

    1. Don’t Waste Your Reader’s Time

  • Writing Advice: How to Get Started

    Not all writing advice is created equal! This is just what works for me.

  • Angry Gay Writing Advice: How to Write Bisexual Characters


  • Writing Advice: How Creating Sims Helps You Write Better Characters


    This is something I tell a lot of people who are just starting out. The Sims helps you give characters basic traits, it helps you work out their long-term goals, and it helps give you a vague idea of what they look like.

  • How to Write Convincing Romance (Semi-Straight Edition)

    Romance was one of the first things I learned how to write and write well. This means I’m hellllaaa fucking picky about what kind of romance I read. Don’t let my username fool you, I’m almost 0% into the actual romance genre. And you’ll learn why.

  • Writing Advice: When You Have a Bad Day

    I don’t have anything that anyone expressly asked me today, but I was reading a few blogs yesterday because I was feeling really down on myself. To date, I haven’t written very many creative works that have been published. I have a whole ton of published news stories and blogs, but nothing creative.

  • Writing Advice: Overcoming Writer's Block

    I’ve been in the game long enough to know that everyone gets writer’s block. It’s simply a way of life for people who pursue careers where they have to be creative. Having a creative block is nothing to be ashamed of, but there are several ways you can work around it.

  • Writing Advice: My Process

    The important thing to know is that no two processes work the same. This is just how I manage to get everything done.

  • The Journey Begins

    Thanks for joining me!

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