I’ve been in the game long enough to know that everyone gets writer’s block. It’s simply a way of life for people who pursue careers where they have to be creative. Having a creative block is nothing to be ashamed of, but there are several ways you can work around it.

1. A block is a block is a block is a block. Creative blocks are a normal part of the creative process. There are different types of blocks depending on your personality or what you’re working on, but they all mean the same thing: you’re having issues getting ideas you can put down on paper.

2. Don’t fight the block, own the block. Creative blocks are dumb little things that make the creative process harder and when you’re writing, that means everything is going to sound hella stupid. Your writing isn’t going to be good by any means, I know mine isn’t when I’m suffering from writer’s block. So the best thing to do is own the block and power through it. Write stuff that you know is bad or you think is funny just to try and get something vague on paper or spark an idea.


3. Cut your word count or skip a few days of writing. For my process post that we went over yesterday, I write around 2500 words a day, but when I’m blocked (or suffering from depression) I cut that word count down to 100-300 words a day. The important thing is that you’re writing every day, not that you’re meeting your “good day” word count.

4. Read, look at art, do research, go for a walk, take a shower. Ideas can sneak up on you from anywhere. If you’re struggling with where to start writing, go outside or read a book to get yourself out of your head. It’s okay to get inspiration from other writers or from your own life. Anything to make it so you get your story out.


5. Editing is a writer’s best friend. Eventually, your block will go away on its own and you can go back and fix the trash you wrote while you were on it. Nothing is set in stone. Not even once you’ve published it (that’s what revised copies are for). So don’t sweat the small stuff. Writer’s block doesn’t have to be the end of your career. Keep pushing forward and eventually, you’ll make it through!