Today is the day! Marjorie Diaz’s Unfortunate Introduction to Ancestral Politics & Foul Play is finally out! You can grab your copy on Amazon. It’s in both paperback, eBook, and it’s even on Kindle Unlimited.

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From the official synopsis:

“Marjorie Diaz has been marked for death.

After her relationship with Patrick Watkins ends, Marjorie discovers that everyone in her life has been lying to her. Even her best friend, Lucian Maravalle.
*Now, Marjorie is being hunted by a powerful magical family who will stop at nothing to kill her.

Lucian and her family have sworn to protect Marjorie from these nightmarish beasts, but Marjorie isn’t sure she can trust them. They keep secret after secret and, even after Marjorie has begged for them to tell her everything, they continue to keep her in the dark.

Marjorie struggles with her own mortality as she embarks on a futile journey to remain alive and reason with the beings that are hunting her.

She finds out the hard way that humans don’t matter on the other side of the veil. Unless Marjorie has something of use to offer, she’s better off dead.*

Book 2 in the Marjorie Diaz Series.

Cover art by Ariel LeAnn of Cat’s Paw Media



Get your copy Now! And Stay for the Twitch Release Party Today (April 2) at 3pm!


I’ll be doing giveaways, I’ll announce the winner of the $20 Amazon Gift Card, and I’ll read an excerpt from the book while I’m struggling through playing video games. It’s gonna be great. See you there!

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