obid wan doesnt like being tolkd what tot do but padme can tell him what to do all day long if she shdma esnprleases because tyhere’s noithiong stopping her i mean eher hgusband is probablybaly dead. but i mean obiwan knows he dropoenedbnd in lava and not like you know qwcxtualylyly died. he becma er tghat one guy with the cooooookooooo mask and no biwan is like no pafkghme that’s not animkanan en. how could you think that? he dowudl never lie to her but pemge is not co certain.

as the twins co coooooooooooooooooooockooooooo man c omes around more, sniffing atrounfd them. oniwan keeps moving them but padme is drawn to coooooooooooooooookooooooooooooooooooo man and obi-0wan is pretty fucking pissed about it because ofc he loves padme what is not to love about her. omfg obiwan loves her and akiana fuicking messed that shit UP.

cfoce choke???? really?????obiwan is so completed pissed about that. probably m,ore pissed than mans erju withlll ever be. but he tries not to let it shbow.

luke and lea are 14 now and pedma rtfis still as bneautifgoul and unattainble as ever. he can’t have hre in any real way, butr it doesn’t stop him ffrrom piningn after his best friends dead best friends ex???? weoife????