There is no escape from mediocrity
Look around, see the world for what it is
It’s eroded, broken, filled with doubt
Yet, there is always someone there
in the distance, smiling
But, in the end it’s empty; Absolute.

Look! Look and see
Time it ebbs and it flows
And history is just a repeat of a repeat of a repeat
Regardless of knowledge, regardless of intellect
The pattern goes, goes, goes

It’s never-ending,
Is a never-ending thing
but you
Are not infinite
In ignorance, this is an absolute
By the passage of time
Where we believe ourselves immortal

But see
We; you & me, are nothing more than
Us; we, are less than insignificant
less than nothing.

There are no marks,
No legacies left
to leave behind
And yet
Life continues on
Its ignorance unopposed
And there are people still glad,
Still happy every single day to be
What they consider:

Are they; them & I living the same life
Are we part of the same existence?
Because all life does to me
Is it makes me feel as though I have failed
That, instead of being unborn,
Instead of being nothing
I have been made to live
& suffer
a life of mediocrity

I am not resigned to pretending
That there is something more than this
More than looking up and realizing
One day I will die
and leave behind nothing.
No matter how much I live
No matter how much time I am allotted
by life, by god, by powers beyond comprehension
I; me & myself
Am no more, than insignificant.