Doodling mine and Erin’s characters from the Old Republic which is, of course, our new obsession. We are both Sith Inquisitors. Both of us came from the same place, both slaves and friends before the academy. Or as friendly as we could be while facing terrible conditions and being exploded by our master.

I came to the academy first, training for months under Lord Zash before she came and was given to me as my padawan. She is now my apprentice and has grown quickly through the ranks. We travel with another warrior, a cyborg named Tuneborg and his companion.

My character is the one with a face full of scars and short hair [foreground] her name is Meerit Dezrien, but she goes by Dez. And wanderingpulses’s character is in the background with the mouth scar. Her name is Zehui Azrael.