Name: Desdemona

Nickname: Des, Dez, D, Mona

Soph star Sign: Leo

Gender: Female

Height: 175.5cm

Sexual orientation: Pansexual, Polyamorus, Queer

Favourite colour: Amaranth

Time right now: 2:03am

Current location: West Coast, USA

Hours of sleep: 7

Lucky number: 42, 7, 77

Last thing i googled: Tiffany infinity bracelet

Number of blankets I sleep under: 2

favourite fictional characters: Fam

Favourite book: FAAAAAAAAAAAM

Favourite artists/bands: Panic! At the Disco

Dream job: Me

I’m wearing: Pajamas

Random fact: lol

When did you create your blog?: Uh

Do you have any other blogs?: Yeah

When did your blog reach it’s peak?: idek

Who is your most active?: no one

What made you decide to get a blog?:

Do you get asks on a daily basis?: No.

Why did you choose your URL?: Because I am Desdemona Wren