you take the breath from my lungs &
force me on my knees, body shaking
with longing and fear of open doors.

you push me back and watch me
gently fall to the floor like flower petals
and I stare at you, parted lips
and an open heart; waiting for sin.

you whisper “you’re so beautiful”
caressing me with the flesh of your lips
against my ear and I can’t breathe
you’re so close to me.

my body is like lightning beneath you
hot, static, dynamic, amazing
and you’re body is the rain
putting out the fire we’ve ignited
deep within our own desires.

my heart is splitting open and pounding
as your hand cups my face and I can feel
my veins course with fire beneath your fingers
i can’t even think, all my thoughts on you.

and for a moment
we’re the only two people
left on this planet.