Your lips are smooth against mine
the gentle feeling of your hands against my back
holding me with whispers of desire and
you say “don’t hold back” like you
want all of my pain to flow through you
and out of me completely.

You whisper against my neck,
soft butterfly kisses on my throat
and I’m gone, pushed under these waves of
time and it’s running out, but you say…
“don’t think about it” like you know
that one day we’ll be infinite.

I’m all broken beneath my flesh
and constantly anticipating being alone
but you hold me close like the seconds aren’t
falling behind and you say “time is on our side”
as our last moments shatter like crystal
and all that’s left of me is waiting.

Every second is perfection when you hold me
tell me “it’s only a little while longer” and I
realize that no matter what, you’re the only one
who knows what I need to hear to make me real
and untie me from the reality I lie to myself in.

& as you slip away
I say “please don’t go”.