My heart broke the night we stared at the moon &
you told me that you’d never stop loving me &
we fell asleep in the grass, close to keep warm &
in the morning when I woke up to the sun &
you were gone – a whisper of the night &
the shadow from my dream the night I never cried again.

My heart breaks to see your smile off in the distance like
a beacon in the night, guiding me to some far off reality like
a dream where we’re together all the time and not like
we’re separated by an hour and 74.6782 miles – I counted.

My heart swells with every step you take towards me with
your arms open, waiting to hold me in them and kiss me with
all your love, all your might, all your being and no matter what I know
without any doubt that there’s no place I’d rather be than here with
you right now, away from reality in a world of spinning colors and cotton candy
dreams and real smiles and everything I could’ve ever wanted…

but there goes my alarm clock again