So tired. I can’t even function, think straight. But…but…I’ll be up all night in tears again. You don’t know what you do to me.

Nothing makes sense, nothing makes sense anymore. It’s not right when you’re gone. It just isn’t. I stay up and I try not to call you. I try to wait until you call me, but I’m so addicted to your voice that it’s so hard for me to even imagine being without it.

You. You on the other hand. You don’t feel anything do you? You don’t understand why I’d need you so much. Or how much it hurts to only be permitted to need you for one day a week.

It gets harder every time. Especially when that phone rings and I know you have to disappear.

It kills me. It kills me when you hang up, sigh and stare at me with those big brown eyes. And I know. I just know where it’s going.

And you get up and you leave, tell me you have to and if it were my choice. You can’t make promises anymore. And I can’t take the broken hearts. Littered with the knowledge of paper, the title of “pure” and the quantity of “six”.

You kill me. And you don’t even know it.