i’ve got shades of indigo and violet
beneath my eyes, showing what
i lack,
have been lacking

i’m living in a neverending shade of
blue, the hue appears on the corners
of my vision and overtakes my emotions,
choking what little happiness I’ve aquired
out of me.

i’ve got green hidden in the brown in my eyes
specks of leaves in the wooded color i’ve come
to think of as soft and inviting
is that how you feel too?
when you look into my eyes?

i’ve got yellow hidden deep
a beginning of a fire that i hide from
the shades of blue comsuming me so often
it’s my warmth, the color of the butterflies
flying around and around and around.

i’ve got orange on my toes
to remind me of my creativity
that never quite goes away;
it’s metallic hue is almost calming.

i’ve got red in my heart and in my veins
its the color i see
[most often;
but in reality,
you’re all these colors too
when i think about you.
its love and anger and death and blood
but mostly, it reminds me of you.

i’m a rainbow
light, vibrancy
and sometimes hope.

i’m magic explained by science
and happiness destroyed by pills.