We’re on different sides of the

a range or scale of anything such as opinions or emotions

it doesn’t make sense
these words rushing through my

this definition is relative

i don’t remember the last time i thought
in waves of color, blending
i don’t remember the last time
there was time or patience
or forgiveness
least of all love.

Our differences are relative
they tell me we’re the same
but “they” are relative
my thoughts are disrupted
by silence
and for the first time
i wish there wasn’t this endless

time passing by. an increment. measurement.

where all i think, thought, speak about is you
it has been a long time since i’ve felt the
special kind of

lack of feeling

where all it is—
is your soft whispers
and excited tingles on my skin.

Someone once told me
that “opposites attract”
but i don’t think of us
(which by our terms, is relative)
as “opposites” or
“the same”
similarities and opposites are

I asked you once, twice
more times than I can count, actually
what you defined “us” as
and every time i asked, the answer was

its a contrast, contradiction

but as of late, its defined as

It’s been a long time since
i’ve felt unbr-oken, a full
spectrum of light
shining through