Secret Oblivion

-Chapter Two-

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Summary: When Hannah becomes a death eater she peers into her future to see what will become of her life. When she sees Sirius become hurt, she vows to never let that happen, but will she remember the images in time to save everyone? SB/OC SS/OC JP/LP

A/N: Well guys…this is the second chapter. I hope you all enjoy.“We Might As Well Be Strangers”

Hannah tossed and turned that night. Her dreams showed the future she had seen today. This wasn’t fair to her to the man who lay next to her. Sirius has stayed with her that night because he was worried. He was afraid she might take more potions and end up hurting herself in the process. Now that she was tossing and turning he couldn’t sleep, so he propped himself up on his elbow and stared down at her.

“N…no…” Hannah groaned out. Sirius watched. She was having a nightmare, but this was normal for her. Hannah always had nightmares. She had often scared the Ravenclaw girls at Hogwarts with her constant sleep talking. One night she had even been sleep walking and ended up in the Gryffendor common room. No one understood how a Ravenclaw would know the password to get into the Gryffendor common room. James and Remus had blamed him, but he never told her the password. He had no need to.

“S…Sirius,” She groaned out. His attention went back to her, but realized she was saying his name in her sleep. He blinked confused. He never knew Hannah had dreams about him…well…nightmares actually. He knew it was the same nightmare because she hadn’t woken up with a scream or with her eyes wide. He sighed and kept watching. Maybe she’d wake up soon.

Dawn consumed the muggle world before Hannah woke up with a start. Sirius was staring at her; she blinked.

“Did you get any sleep last night?” Hannah asked, twisting her long raven hair around her fingers. Sirius shook his head no. She laughed, but it sounded like she was forcing it. Then she pushed him back on the bed, getting up to work on breakfast. He sighed. A part of him wished she had stayed in bed. He shook it off. He was being…well he was being a guy.

Hannah sighed and turned on the stove. She could hear Sirius’ light snoring and knew he was asleep. Hannah felt horrible for keeping him up all night with her nightmare. She thought he might be used to it by now with how many nights she ended up in his bed at Hogwarts. Oh Merlin…did she keep him awake then too? What about the other Gryffendor guys…what they must have thought! Her mind raced with ideas until she was interrupted by something burning on the stove.

“Bloody ‘ell!” She screamed, waking Sirius up. She turned the stove off and groaned. Sirius stared at her. He sighed deeply, and pushed the blankets and sheets off of him.

“What did you do this time?” He asked exhausted. Hannah turned to him and put on a fake smile. Sirius saw through it and walked over to the stove casually. He looked at what she had burned and he laughed. “Guess the bacon is going to be crunchy,” he joked and Hannah hit him playfully.

“Sirius,” she said quietly. He looked at her, she was facing him, but she wasn’t looking into his eyes. He knew something was wrong.

“Yes?” He asked studying her, and for the first time he noticed the mark on her arm. He backed away from her like he was burned. He looked at her, his mouth opened and closed, but no sound would come out. She nodded solemnly. He let out a strangled cry and hurried to leave. He has slept in her bed; he has slept in a Deatheater’s bed. He was in love with a member of the Dark Lord’s evil army. His heart was breaking, and Hannah would see that, but she let him go. No more words were said.

After he had left, Hannah fell mutely onto her bed and cried. She has betrayed him as well as herself. All thanks to Peter Pettigrew, the coward. Seeing him leave like that hurt her greatly, but she had to let him go. They were living in a different world now. She didn’t know his heart anymore.

From outside the apartments Sirius shook his head. The way he had reacted was painful to Hannah, he could tell, but they might as well be strangers. Living in a different town, maybe even in a different world. He was unsure of her heart, he thought he knew her, but today has proofed him wrong.

I don’t know your face no more,

Or feel the touch that I adore.

I don’t know your face no more,

It’s just a place I’m looking for.

We might as well be strangers in another town,

We might as well be living in a different world.

We might as well, we might as well, we might as well.

I don’t know your thoughts these days,

We’re strangers in an empty space.

I don’t understand your heart,

It’s easier to be apart.

We might as well be strangers in another town.

We might was well be living in another time.

We might as well, we might as well, we might as well

Be strangers, be strangers.

For all I know I know of you now, for all I know of you now, for all I know of you now.

For all I know…

Keane-We might As Well be strangers.

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