Secret Oblivion

-Chapter Six-

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Summary: When Hannah becomes a death eater she peers into her future to see what will become of her life. When she sees Sirius become hurt, she vows to never let that happen, but will she remember the images in time to save everyone? SB/OC SS/OC JP/LP

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“Running Away”

Hannah had told Snape everything. How Peter led her off on a wild chase and how she couldn’t refuse a mark from the Dark Lord, even if she tried. So she was branded and all her friends were pitted against her.

“Do you know hoe they found out?” Snape asked. Hannah sighed.

“I suspect it to be Sirius, but I don’t know when Lily shut me out of her home, I saw Peter in there.” Hannah looked at Snape, hurt showing through her eyes. “She told me she didn’t have any room in her house for one of his followers, Snape, and…Peter is one of us too!” Tears fell from her eyes once more and Snape held her to his chest. So much pain was filling her he was quite concerned. What would happen if the pain became hate…she would hold a grudge against everyone. That hardly seemed fair…well…actually…maybe it did. Snape shook the thoughts from his head and ran his fingers through her hair.

Hannah sobbed for what seemed like an eternity. When she finally stopped she had fallen asleep on the floor. The panther nudged him and he turned, lying her sleeping from gently onto the floor.

“What is it?” He asked, the panther seemed to smirk and it stared at Hannah. Snape looked down at her. She looked so peaceful, her hair was lying in all directions and she looked so beautiful. His heart beat faster and his eyes roamed all over her body. He reached a hand out to brush the tears away from her face, and she stirred around. He pulled back, but her eyes never opened. The cat nudged him again and he sighed.

“Fine, Fine…I’ll put her in a bed.” Snape picked Hannah up gently and carried her up the stairs to his room. He pulled the covers back and then lay her in his bed, pulling the covers to meet her chin. He smiled at her and turned around seeing the cat in the doorway.

“You happy now?” Snape asked. The cat gave him a look that said ‘Yes.’ And she left, going down stairs and laying by the fireplace. Snape turned back and smiled at Hannah’s sleeping form. Then he left, closing the door behind him. He descended down the stairs and into the kitchen to make some tea.

When the tea was finished he settled down in his chair before his fireplace and opened a book. The panther lifted its head and watched Snape closely. Snape tried to ignore the intense stare of the cat, but he couldn’t. He set the book down and sipped his tea calmly. The panther stared at him still.

“Yes?” He asked. The cat’s eyes landed on his cup. Snape laughed. “You want some tea?” The cat met his eyes and gave a weird nod. Snape blinked and rubbed his eyes. “Umm…but you’re a cat?” He asked, confused. The cat rolled its eyes and slowly it became a human.

“Aha,” Snape said, getting up. “An Animangus.” Without another word he went into the kitchen and poured her some tea with honey in it. When he entered the room the woman was sitting in a chair opposite of his. Snape smirked and handed her the tea.

“Now,” He said calmly, “Tell me who you are.” The woman took a long sip of tea and then stared at him.

“I am Hannah’s mother,” she beamed proudly.

“Excuse me? I know what Peter’s parents look like…you’re not Hannah Pettigrew’s mother.” The woman chuckled a bit.

“Did those fiends never tell her she was adopted?” Snape’s jaw dropped. The woman looked at him, expecting an answer. Snape snapped out of it and shook his head.

“I guess not…” He said slowly. He looked the woman over. She did resemble Hannah. She had short black hair that framed her face and icy blue eyes. She was tall, thin, and wore mostly black. There was no doubts about it…she resembled Hannah way too much to just be some bum.

“I guess Amelia actually thought…Hannah was her daughter after all those years of raising her after my husband and I were ‘killed’.” Snape looked at her.

“Killed?” He asked. The woman stared at him.

“Well, it’s a rather long story, but we were both supposedly killed in a fire.”

“A fire?” The woman laughed.

“You ask way too many questions Snape.” Snape shook his head and apologized.

“How did you and Hannah survive? Why didn’t you take her?”

“Well, I took my animangus form and rushed outside with Hannah in my mouth, by the time we were both out and to safety, people spotted and captured me. They figured I was an escaped animal from the muggle zoo…seeing as how I’m an unregistered animangus…I had no choice but to play the cat.”

“You must’ve had a terrible life eating all that cat food…” Hannah’s mother laughed and nodded.

“After awhile you get used to it.”

“You have my sympathy.” Both of them turned at a creaking sound on the stairs, Hannah’s mother turned into a panther and gave Snape a ‘Keep quiet about me’ look. He nodded and Hannah called out to him.

“Severus?” She asked shakily. Snape stood and went to her.

“Yes?” He asked walking to her. She looked at him and smiled.

“Who were you talking to Severus?” She asked as the Panther joined them in the corridor. Severus motioned to the cat and she laughed.

“You’ve taken quite a liking to her haven’t you Severus?” Snape laughed and shrugged.

“I guess, cats can be good company sometimes.” Hannah beamed and hugged him. Snape blushed.

“What was that for?” He asked, pulling back from her. Hannah shrugged.

“I’m just…happy…” Snape laughed.

“Well that’s a first!” Hannah hit him playfully and his expression changed from happy to serious. Hannah blinked unsure of what he was going to do. He got close to her face but refused to go the rest of the distance. Hannah stared deeply into his eyes and leaned a little bit forward, but she stopped herself and spun around. Snape’s heart broke right there, but he didn’t stop her from going back up the stairs and into the room. He held back tears and walked the other direction.

She was running away from him and he was unsure why she would do that. He shrugged, oh well he didn’t need her by his side. He didn’t really need anyone. The cat had followed him back into the living room and he stared at her. He expected her to change back to human form and yell at him for trying to kill her daughter, but she didn’t. She just curled up in a ball on the floor. He chuckled to himself.

Why was she running away?

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I don’t want you to give it all up

and leave your own life collecting dust

and I don’t want you to feel sorry for me

you never gave us a chance to be

And I don’t need you to be by my side

and tell me that everything’s all right

I just wanted you to tell me the truth

you know I’d do that for you

So why are you running away?

why are you running away?

I did enough to show you that I

was willing to give and sacrifice

and I was the one who was lifting you up

when you thought your life had had enough

and when I get close you turn away,

there’s nothing that I can do or say

so now I need you to tell me the truth

you know I’d do that for you

So why are you running away?

why are you running away?

Is it me? Is it you?

nothing that I can do

to make you change your mind

Is it me? Is it you?

nothing that I can do

is it a waste of time?

Is it me? Is it you?

nothing that I can do

to make you change your mind

So why are you running away?

why are you running away?

(what is it I have to say?)

so why are you running away?

(to make you admit you’re afraid)

why are you running away?

Hoobastank-Running Away-

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