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Chapter one

Summary: There’s someone new to Foster’s, but there’s something extremely suspicious about her. When Bloo and Mac decide to investigate…they’ll find more than just her secret. SLASH.

Disclaimer: I do not own Foster’s home for imaginary friends, however, I do own Marietta and Tania, and some of the poetry I may put in here in the future.

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“The Real Deal”

On the day she arrived it was raining. Not just the normal rain, it was like the sky opened up and poured its unmerciful misery down onto the road. Everyone could tell this child and her imaginary friend would be trouble, everyone.

Soon after the child entered, Frankie rushed to her.

“Oh my gosh, Mari…what happened?” Frankie asked franticly. The little girl wrapped her arms around the older woman’s waist and sobbed into her sweater.

“They…It…I’m…so…cold…” The little girl said, shivering. Frankie let out a long drawn out sigh.

“Just a second Mari…let me go get Grandma…” Frankie rushed up the stairs; she was on a search for Madame Foster. “Grandma?” she asked to no one. Frankie sighed again, that woman was always off hiding somewhere. She shrugged and turned back. Madame Foster would show up when she thought it was the right time.

In the shadows eyes watched the read head walk away, and just as soon as she did the short, gray haired woman came out of the shadows.

“And so it has begun,” she whispered solemnly, before turning away and heading back into the confines of her secret chamber.

Frankie reached the first floor in a matter of seconds to find Mari still waiting, and Mac walking through the door. Frankie gasped. She scooped up Mari and her friend, rushing them upstairs before Mac had the chance to even notice them.

“All right, Mari…you stay up here in my room with Tania…I have to go do some work around the house…” Frankie explained. Mari looked at her sadly. “No, Mari, you cannot come with me…I don’t want to risk upsetting you!” Frankie almost yelled. Mari sighed and stretched out across the bed. Frankie left her alone with Tania.

“Hey, Mac…” Frankie said, smiling and stopping in front of him.

“Hi Frankie…seen Bloo?” Mac asked absentmindedly. Frankie let out a sigh of relief, and as if on cue she moved out of the way so Bloo could tackle Mac. Frankie watched the two roll off down the hallway, then she walked off, failing to notice the girl who stood on the stairs looking down at the house of imaginary friends.

“Hi there!” A tall, red imaginary friend said enthusiastically. Mari looked up at him, glaring. She did not reply back, but instead she rushed off in the direction Mac and Bloo and rolled. “Hey! Wait!” Wilt yelled after her, but it was of no avail, she was gone before he could move a muscle.

Mari walked silently along to hallway, Tania was at her heels. Mari was hoping to spot someone her age, someone she could talk to, instead of just Frankie and Tania. Soon, the two came upon them. Mari blushed softly and hid behind a statue, watching the two of them play. Tania stayed in clear sight and took a seat on the floor. It didn’t take Bloo and Mac long to notice her. Tania was a cat-like imaginary friend that was navy blue in color and has small black tipped wings. Actually, if it weren’t for the wings you’d think she was just another regular animal.

“Uh, Hi…” Mac said slowly. Tania blinked and gave no sign that she even understood the human language. “Uh…can you understand what I am saying?” Mac asked even slower, as if trying to spell out the words. Tania remained silent and Mari’s eyes burned into her back. Tania let out a long drawn out sigh and a nod to her creator.

“If course I understand you,” the creature said in a soft, unearthly voice.

“Oh, so are you new here?” Tania nodded.

“Correct,” she answered smoothly.

“So, what’s wrong with you?” Bloo asked rudely, “Why’d your creator just drop you off here?” Tania looked a little taken aback by Bloo’s rude statement, but she brushed it off.

“My creator did not simply just leave me here,” Tania said defensively.

“So she’s like Mac? Coming back every day at 3pm?” Tania scoffed.

“Of course not,” she said coolly. Bloo and Mac looked at each other suspiciously and then they both shrugged.

“So your creator did leave you?”

“No…” Another person’s voice said. Mari stepped from behind the statue and all eyes settled on her. Mari was a short, young, girl with long black hair and grayish eyes. She was sporting a white lacy dress and worn white tennis shoes. She had the appearance like she had been badly hurt and left out in the rain. Mac almost stopped breathing. Bloo stared at the girl, looked her up and down, and then he rolled his eyes.

“So you’re her crea-“Bloo started, but he was interrupted by a scream from Frankie. Mari jumped and started to run in the other direction, Tania in tow.

“Mari! I told you to stay in my room until I could find you a different place to stay!” Frankie cried out, casing after the girl who had just run off.

“Wait…Frankie!” Mac yelled. Frankie stopped and turned back to him.

“Yeah?” She asked in a hurry.

“She—that girl—Mari…she’s staying here?” Frankie nodded briefly and then took off after the girl again.

“Suspiiiicious!” Bloo said, warningly.

“Oh just hush!” Mac laughed, but deep down he knew Bloo was right, something was defiantly wrong here.

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