Chapter Two

Summary: There’s someone new to Foster’s, but there’s something extremely suspicious about her. When Bloo and Mac decide to investigate…they’ll find more than just her secret. SLASH.

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“The Scar”

When Frankie had finally caught up to her, Mari was back in her room, flung across her bed, and reading A Midsummer Nights Dream. Frankie sighed, forgetting what she had come into here to do in the first place.

“I have you two a room now, Mari…” Frankie said slowly. Mari didn’t look up from her book, but instead she nodded, getting up from the bed, and motioning for Tatiana to follow. Frankie left her room and led the two down the hallway to an unmarked door with beautiful designs covering the front. Mari reached out and ran her fingers over the designs, but just as soon as she touched them she brought her hand back as if it had been burned, and fell backwards onto the floor.

“Mari?” Frankie asked, concerned. Mari looked up at her.

“The…blindfold…it has fallen…” Mari whispered. Frankie looked at her like she was completely insane.

“What blindfold?” Frankie asked, a little confused. Mari shook her head and reached for the door knob, but then she thought better of it and let her hand fall back down to her side. Frankie looked at Mari once again then she sighed, opening the door to her room. Mari walked in, Frankie and Tatiana were close at her heels.

Mari took in the contents of the room. In the middle there was a beautiful, wooden, canopy bed. The wood was dark and it was covered with blood red silky sheets, and a dark burgundy comforter. Next to the bed there was a nightstand that matched the dark wood of the bed. Mari smiled it was just like her room at home besides the scarlet walls. Then she glanced over in the corner and spotted a dresser, which was the same color as the nightstand and the bed. This placed seemed so homey. Mari walked over to the bed and ran her fingers over the smooth wood. Her mind was clouded with screams and dark things from the people who had slept in this room; in this bed…even the people who constructed it. Mari took her hand back quickly, staring in awe at the bed. Frankie and Tatiana just watched, silently.

“I can’t sleep in here…” Mari whispered.

“What?” Frankie asked, a little flustered, “What do you mean you can’t sleep in here? Isn’t this exactly what your room at home looked like?”

“Almost,” Mari said flatly, “but that isn’t really the reason…Frances…” Frankie glared down at her and started mumbling stuff about how selfish little kids can be.

“Well, you’re going to have to stay in here Mari…I don’t know what to tell you,” Frankie said, walking out of the bedroom. Mari inhaled sharply and started to cry. Tatiana walked towards her cautiously and rubbed against her shin. Mari pushed her away and flung herself onto the bed. Her mind filled with regretful memories and the sobbing got louder and louder.

An eerie sound filled the Foster’s house, Bloo shivered. It was dark now and it was still raining, the trees were scraping against the window, making the ghastly noise sound even creepier. Bloo shivered beneath his blanket, trying to imagine something that was warm. The first thing that came to his mind was Mac’s embrace. His face automatically turned scarlet and he suppressed a loving sigh. Then he realized just what he thinking about. Bloo groaned softly and shook the thoughts from his head, desperately trying to think of something or someone else.

Why? Why did I have to think about Mac?‘ Bloo asked, mentally scolding himself for thinking such…wrong things about his creator.

The eerie sound grew louder and Bloo suddenly wished he was lying next to Mac, being held in his arms. He shuddered gleefully and welcomed the fantasies. Soon he forgot all about whatever scary noises were coming from the outside and the inside and he fell asleep, having sweet dreams about his creator.

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