I wrote so many fanfictions for shows I don’t even remember and right now my gay ass can’t even write fanfictions for shows I’ve watched a hundred times because I’m terrified I’ll get the characterizations wrong. Strange how we evolve as writers, isn’t it?

TW/CW: Step-siblings in a romantic relationship.

Locked in the Bathroom

Disclaimer:I don’t own Life with Derek

Summary: When Derek and Casey get locked in the bathroom, they find they have a weird attraction for each other. Rated for ‘incest’ Oneshot

A/N: First one X.x


Both of them lay on the floor laughing and covered in shaving cream. The music from the party downstairs boomed in their ears.

“You’ve driven me to madness, Derek!” Casey laughed. Derek laughed with her and in that one magic moment he took her hand in his and pressed his lips against hers. Her heart pounded, and she gasped. Derek took advantage of her open mouth and slowly, her eyes closed. She had finally realized she liked this, Even if he was her step-brother.

When they finally pulled away, Casey stroked his face fondly. Then they leaned back in, kissing deeper. Their lips danced across each other, their tongues explored each other’s mouths, but both of them wanted more. Derek started to push her shirt over her head, but she stopped him.

“Derek…” She moaned softly, he stared at her hopefully, but she still shook her head. “I’m just not ready for that yet…” Derek smiled, respecting her wishes, but Casey frowned. She didn’t really want him to stop. She leaned in for another kiss, but Derek pulled away from her, touching her face. Casey smiled.

“I love you, Derek…” She said softly.

“Really, I thought you hated me.” Derek joked, Casey punched him and laughed.

“You’re such a jerk sometimes Derek!” She said. Derek’s eyes got big and he frowned.

“But…I love you…” He said softly, she giggled, leaning in and kissing him softly.

Then they noticed the music downstairs had stopped and second later the bathroom door flung open revealing their, very upset parents.

“Uh oh…” Casey said her and Derek looked at each other.

Soon after their parents scolded them, and she took half the blame…Derek looked at her, kissing her briefly before he left her to clean the living room. She sighed, getting to work, but somehow…even after he had ditched her, she still couldn’t get him from her mind; his kiss, his touch…just everything about him. He drove her wild, but little did she know…he thought the same thing about her.

A/N: Totally lame, I know…just…don’t kill me.